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Greg, Nick & Sara - CSI Las Vegas

[CSI:] Perfect - Hedley [Grissom and Sara]

Sara Sidle - Stand In The Rain

GSR/CSI/Sara Sidle-Shattered


Grissom & Sara - Anywhere

Grissom and Sara - Two Is Better Than One

Someone Like you (CSI-GSR)

GSR: Ever After

I Won't Let Go - Rascal Flatts GSR CSI Sara Grissom Romance!

Don't You Wanna Stay - GSR Grissom and Sara by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

CSI:Las Vegas 12x04 Funny scenes Russell

CSI - Waiting on the World to change

CSI: 11x13 "The Two Mrs. Grissoms" Promo

GMC Yukon Denali -- Use Me

Are CBS Execs Sexist?


If i only could...

CSI-Days before you came by Placebo

Catherine and Nick race cars

10.19-World's End-Promo

10.18-Field Mice-Promo

10.16-The Panty Sniffer-Promo

CSI: - Eight New Episodes!

CSI: - Rascal Flatts Guest Stars!



10.13-Internal Combustion-Promo

CSI: - Who is Dr. Jekyll?

Tik Tok- Kesha: Appendictement

10.12-Long Ball-Promo

CSI:LV 1009 Appendicitement Promo

CSI:LV 1008 Lover's Lane Pro

CSI:LV - Virtual Lab Tour

CSI Crossover - Behind the Crossover

CSI-1006-"Death and the Maiden"-Promo

CSI: Trilogy - Behind The Scenes

CSI - Crossover Promo

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" 10th Season Promo

Fall TV Preview: CBS Crime

Grissom and Sara / GSR / CSI - Everything

Grissom & Sara- I Turn to You

Grissom & Sara - No Illusions

Hide and Seek: Greg Sanders

Greg Sanders - Walking Disaster

Greg Sanders-The One

Greg Sanders: Bringing Sexy Back

Greg Sanders - The Anthem

greg sanders - womanizer

Haunted // Greg Sanders