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Rock Band Refuse The Fall beats out hundreds of other bands for the top slot on Whotune’s charts  Purpledarts 0 1727 over a year ago
new article about David!!  idolheaded 0 1340 over a year ago
check this out!  idolheaded 0 452 over a year ago
David Cook Is the Best  DramaQueen01 0 1001 over a year ago
David Cook Club Banners And Icon Submissions!  Cookie_Glam 2 1803 over a year ago
Count up to 3000 Fans!  Cookie_Glam 7 705 over a year ago
help here  gyjkg 0 613 over a year ago
david cook louver!  gyjkg 1 1141 over a year ago
David Tour!? Green River Ordinance on tour again.  dcooklover33 0 352 over a year ago
david cook cute..  gyjkg 3 599 over a year ago
anybody know who plays the waiter dude in the light on music video??(URGENT!!)  JB94rox 0 822 over a year ago
David Cook and The Script (Nov/Dec Tour)  scriptfan 0 906 over a year ago
David Cook vs. Chris Daughtry  tommylei 0 596 over a year ago
David Cook is so hot!!!!!!!  iluvvdavidcook 5 757 over a year ago
cookies going to be on tv and my birthday is friday  gyjkg 0 729 over a year ago
DC's Concert In NJ??  Arch_cookie 0 433 over a year ago
Do you think the AI curse will happen to Cookie?  halswan 7 485 over a year ago
get a dvd of davids journey through A.I.  jland68 2 548 over a year ago
David Cook kinda looks like Dane Cook  bloxxerdude 2 2838 over a year ago
David Archulleto Needs to win.  booarch 13 398 over a year ago
Gay?  xoxogg25 21 6256 over a year ago
He did it again tonite!!!!  catemarie 3 387 over a year ago
archuleta fans r screwing DC on itunes  brylove 3 331 over a year ago
David cook rocks my socks!  funsizedtink 2 261 over a year ago
Hello Cookies :D  hOlLy_HoRiFiC 13 722 over a year ago
DC, what's with the eyeliner?  Manzana 1 1156 over a year ago
What's the color of DC's eyes?  Manzana 1 443 over a year ago
NEW ALBUM!!!  musicality1912 1 336 over a year ago
Inspiration to the younger generation  darleen45 0 314 over a year ago
CONGRATS DAVID!  CrimsonKitty 13 568 over a year ago
"Music of the Night"  CrimsonKitty 4 376 over a year ago
American Idol tickets for Toronto - ROW 10 FLOOR  beanzie48 0 489 over a year ago
David Cook, Young Hollywood, and A*I* Rehearsals and Interviews!  younghollywood 0 368 over a year ago
My Father /Daughter Song  jenbride 1 410 over a year ago
lost song clip, HELP!  pippa17 3 488 over a year ago