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Death the Kid Funny Moments (2016)

Death the Kid

Death the Kid - Survive (I Wasn't Built to Lose) **Slight Seizure Warning**

How to Draw Death the Kid

Death the Kid : Monotone Princess

Death the Kid Funny Moments

Top 10 DTK's Awesome Moments

Death the Kid Facts

Soul Eater Clip - Death the Kid

[Soul Eater] Death the Kid Ultra Death Cannon- Original

kid loves the sun

Soul Eater Not - Death the Kid

Soul Eater Not - Tsugumi meets Death the Kid

Death the Kid's Mother?? (FANMADE)

Death the Kid vs. Nals Garnier

Death the Kid vs. Noah

Death the Kid Before Final Boss

Renegade Death The Kid AMV

Symmetry (Lyrics)

Death The Kid's funniest moments!!! XD

soul eater death the kid - angel with a shotgun

Top 10 Anime Opening Theme Songs

3 Death the Kid Moments - Soul Eater

Black Star Moment ★

Death the Kid- "Even your boobs!" ♥♥♥♡♡♡

Soul and Black Star VS. Death the Kid ♥♥♥♡♡♡

Awake & Alive


Death The Kid- Going In Blind

Bring me to life Kid!!!!

Death The Kid: "Did I Really Forget to Fold the tip of the Toilet Paper into a triangle?!"

Death the Kid Saying Symmetry 【Episodes '1'-'51'】

Death The Kid Theme Song

Death the Kid AMV: Gravemakers & Gunslingers/Coheed and Cambria

Gun Smoke

Troika Shenanigans

Death te kid. Song: shut me up

Death The Kid

Death The Kid - Sexy Back

Death the Kid - Last Words

Death the Kid - When You're Evil

Death the Kid AMV

Death the Kid - (Don't Fear) The Reaper

Death the Kid - Monster

Death the Kid - Reckless Youth

Death the Kid - Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream

Don't Call DTK Wack!

Death the Kid - Like a Boss

Kid's Symmetrical Opponents

The Sky's Symmetry

Blair, Soul, and Kid o.o

Kid Flies Past Crona xD

Funny Death the Kid Moments - English Dub

Death the Kid - Bad Romance

Death the Kid - Evanescence

death the kid symmetry

-Death the Kid- *Toxic*

Death the Kid - World is Mine [mmd]

Death The Kid amv

Sore ga Bokura no

Death the Kid - Propane Nightmares

All Death the Kid wants to do...

Soul Eater Amv W.U.N

Soul Eater: Death The Kid Moments

Death the kid is the boss

Death the kid is bringing sexy back

I Will Not Bow - Death The Kid Tribute

Death The Kid - So Crazy

[ETC] Death the Kid Defies "Piss Breaks"

Soul Eater funny moments 3: Symmetry

This Is Halloween

Kid's Happy Song!~

Pwease Pwease!

Fools! Excalibur scene (english)

Death the Kid - Hot Mess AMV

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have A Nice Dream (Death the Kid AMV)

Kid the Dead Terrorist

soul eater black paper moon death the kid


Death The Kid Out of Symmetry

Death the kid freakout

death the kid-your gonna go far, kid

Death The Kid - The Hero Will Drown

Death the Kid- Countdown to Insanity

Death the Kid- Too Weird, Too Normal

DeathTheKid - Purple Line (Collab w/ Yorleni)

Death the Kid - Run Devil Run

Kung fu Kid - Soul eater

Death The Kid - So crazy

Death The Kid - Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a nice dream!

Death The Kid - Halloween

Death The Kid - Promise

Death The Kid - Hot n Cold

As ever

Death The Kid - Nobody

Death The Kid Tribute-Symmetry

Death the Kid - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid