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The fans pick: Hannah Montana
The fans pick: Miley Stewart?
The fans pick: blonde
The fans pick: thats so raven,a teen girl with visions is a better idea
The fans pick: Camp Rock!
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DDD1988Redux said …
We would know that Disney Afternoon is finally being revived on the Disney Channel in 2017, as "Disney Channel Afternoon", starting with 3 shows: "Mad Hatter's Very Happy Un-Birthday Extras for Kids!", a grand revival of "Disney's House of Mouse", and "The Radio Disney Car Tune Show" (which are all in the works by Walt Disney Television, and its animation division). I'm sharing this info with everyone from! Posted over a year ago
LexiBailey9 commented…
I love Disney channel don't take it away EVER 😆 7 months ago
tessaleah said …
I love disney channel and no one can take that away from me Posted over a year ago
IMTS commented…
I totally agree (and I'm 16) :) over a year ago
LexiBailey9 commented…
I agree 7 months ago
oreo4you said …
I have never watched disney channel and never will. I always found their shows to be immature and stupid. They hired the worst actors ever for some of those shows. What a waste of money. Posted over a year ago
thetankmoment commented…
Then why are you here? over a year ago
mhs1025 commented…
If you're gonna say that, stay off the club. over a year ago
LexiBailey9 commented…
If you are gonna say rude things why are you here you shouldn't be saying that to be mean they have the most amazing actors ever 7 months ago