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Doctor Who: Season 4 Episode 1

The Return of Rose Tyler Extended (DR WHO TRAILER)

Blink 3x10

David on Leaving Doctor Who + Extended Christmas Promo

The Return of Rose Tyler *VERSION 2* (DR WHO TRAILER)

Broken • The Doctor & Rose Tyler (Returns)

David Tennant Eats Cake

Season 2 outtakes

David Tennant & Catherine Tate - Doctor Who Comic Relief

Tony Blair regenerates into David Tennant on Dead Ringers

Dr.Who-Infinite Quest Confidential

The Lonely Angel

Doctor Who - Poison Sky ROSE!!!!!!!!! (04x05)

Doctor Who buying a Tardis wardrobe from Harveys

Doctor Who-Prince Charming

Karens Belly Dance - Amys Choice DW Confidential

The cast on The Weakest link.

4x03 The Planet of the Ood Full Episode

Back to the start


Doctor Who -The Princess and the Passenger

Doctor Who meets Frieds

DOCTOR WHO New Season Premieres SAT AUG 23 BBC AMERICA with New Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who: Season 4 Episode 2

season 3 music video

The Return of Rose Tyler (DR WHO TEASER)

Christmas Day at Doctor who's

Dark Doctor

Doctor and Rose "the end"

Doctor Who - Only In My Head

Doctor Who 2008 Trailer

doctor who new3x05 - evolution of the daleks


Feeling a moment

Forever and Ever...

His Name is 'The Doctor'

Season 3 references of Rose

The doctor & Rose

Cosmic Love - Eleven And Amy

David & Sophia • The Girl In The Fireplace

doctor who | alien

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter - TV Trail

Doctor, You're Pregnant!

Doctor/Rose Should I Stay

Eleventh/Amy kiss behind the scenes

Fan of Dr.Who

Rose Tyler

She loves you

Something about Martha

Spinnin' & Grinnin' • The Doctor & Rose Tyler

The Doctor & Rose • Immortal (love)

4x05 The Poison Sky Sneak Peek

4x07 The Unicorn and the Wasp Promo

50 Ways To Leave Your Tv Lover 1st Place - Badwolf

Amy/Eleven|| Collide

Dare to Believe: Doctor Who

Doctor and Rose

Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead [Full Episode]

Doctor Who - Words I Couldn't Say

Doctor Who • Don't Hold Back (10th Doctor)

Doctor Who Confidential - Human Nature

Doctor Who Music Video

Doctor Who Proms 2008 - Music Of The Spheres - Mini Episode

Here they come - {Eleven + Amy}

I'm All Right (Doctor Who)

Interview with the Eleventh Doctor

Music Video: The Sound of Drums

The Doctor/Matt Smith

4 Years of Doctor Who

A rose by any other name.

David Tennant Interview - 3.10.2008 - About Leaving

Doctor Who - 44 years in 4 minutes

Doctor Who 1-4 In A Minute

Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special - SPECIAL PREVIEW

Doctor Who Confidential - 42

Doctor Who Confidential - Making Manhattan

Doctor Who Confidential - Monsters Inc.

Doctor Who Confidential - Shakespeare Code

Doctor Who Partners In Crime Longer Preview

Doctor Who S7 Official Trailer

Doctor Who: Season 4 Episode 3

Doctorin' the Tardis - The Timelords (1988)

Dr Who Confidential - Smith and Jones

Drifting // 10th & 11th Doctor [Collab with OViolentDarkKnightO]

Eleven // Amy - Smile (Operation SMILE contest)

Everybody Lives - A Doctor Who Tribute

I'm Always All For You // Doctor/Companions

Steven Moffat talks about the new Doctor Who series (Breakfast, 19.03.10) - DoctorWhoDom

Tenth Doctor: The Musical

The Doctor & Rose • Rose's Song

The Doctor & Rose • Any Other World

The Master - I Can't Decide

trailer planet of the dead

Why Can't I Breathe- 11/Amy

YouTube - Doctor Who - Her Name Was Rose

"Fantastic Rose"

"She Loves Me" (The Doctor and Rose)

11th doctor • how far we've come

4x08 Silence in the Library - Next Time Promo

Christmas 2009 (End of Time Trailer)