A few weeks later
still in ____ pov.

I sat up from sleeping my dream was horrible it was were it was the day I had to see Voldemort well firstly because my mum was a faithfull Death Eater and because I told Draco I would be a Deather eater too anyways I told Voldemort no then he made me marry Draco because he knew I was friends with Harry,Hermione,and Ron it was horrible because I don't like Draco like that he's like a brother.

Then I see a pile of letters on my/the malfoy's dresser I get up to see who there from and stuff like that one was from Hogwarts for next year the seoned was from Harry saying sorry for what he did the third one was from Fred and George tring to get me to try some of those candy things I desided not to the forth one was from Hermione saying
I'm soo sorry for what I did and it caused me to breck up with Ron.
So what up at Malfoy Manor please tell me thanks

I desinded to wright back to all of them first I'll wright to Harry

Dear Harry
I understaned that your sorry for what you did but you did it it's over but I'm willing to give you another chance but there's going to be no more [opps's] ok

on to the next I though
Dear Hermione
it's ok it's fine my life at Malfoy Manor go's alittle like this
where's your mum and dad
I dont no
stop hang out with Potter Granger and Weasley
let's play quddice
so you desind if how my life is going
Draco can I use your owl please I say
Yes Draco said
I went down the hall to where they keep the owls and got Dracos
Here take this to the Weasleys I whisperd to the owl it hood in a anwser then it went off then I went back down the hall to Dracos room and knocked on the door -----
clifhanger ha!!!
Sorry it's short it probably sucks anyway anyhow tell me what you think please thanks