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7 Dragonballs Gathered, What's Your Wish?

Article by deadplayer posted over a year ago
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Quote from MMOsite.com.

We had collected some interesting wishes from DBO fans here.

Wish 1: Can you help me to change someone's character like this style?
Wish 2: Can you let me keep the dragonballs forever?
Wish 3: I wanna watch a fight between characters from Dragon Ball and Naruto...
Wish 4: Bestowed me a flying riding cloud as Goku's, please!

So when you have gathered all dragonballs, what's your wish?
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2.Have 1,000,000 Zeni
3.To Have Everything I Want!
posted over a year ago.
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pinakin97 said:
1.I want do sex with ________ ..........
2.I got the power of saiyens............
3.I got uncountable dollars.............
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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1.i want saiyan strength for normal shenron
2.money for my parents and family
3. to be able to protect the earth the other two for poronga
posted over a year ago.
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zaray13 said:
1.never todie in batle
2.and peace for the earth formore than just 4 years
posted over a year ago.
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1.World Peace
2.No one suffering
3.I'm rich
4.I had saiyen strength
posted over a year ago.
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1. World peace
2. Help the poor
3. Have everything i've wanted since i was a kid
posted over a year ago.