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Dragonball Z Girls Opinion Article

Female Super Saiyans

Opinion by 93shadowwolf posted over a year ago
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I really think there should be female super saiyans. It's not fair how the guys get stronger and stronger and the girls don't. There could easily be female super saiyans. Bulla could be one, she's Vegeta's daughter for goodness sakes. And Pan- she's only 1/4 saiyan, but she could do it. She's pretty strong, and everyone in the Son Family seems to be able to become one. It's just NOT FAIR! *sobs* A female super saiyan would also draw more girls to DBZ. It would be more exciting, too, with a seemingly-innocent girl who kicks evil's ass. Pan and Bulla should also be able to fuse. There is a fan-made fusion called Ban who's pretty cool looking. She also looks like she could totally kick your ass. What do you think?

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carl358 said:
I think there should be Female Super Saiyans, for example, Fasha, how col would that be if she went Super Saiyan for the 1st time? Because Vegeta went Super Saiyan as well as Goku, Gohan, etc, it's a shame the Human DBZ girls can't go Super Saiyan, 'cos think about it, how cool would it be if Android #18, Bulma, Chi Chi, Marron, became Super Saiyans for the first time, as for Fusion, #18 and Videl Fused into, well, I can't really think of a Fusion name for that one, anyway, or maybe, Videl and Chi Chi, possibly Fused into Chidel, who knows really, anyhoo, that's my theory(ies) anyway.
posted over a year ago.
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EgyDorcsi said:
posted over a year ago.