So, I've collected a couple of responses from people explaining why they ship Dramione and why it is such an amazing ship. Whenever someone gives you a hard time about Dramione or questions you why you ship them, feel free to refer back to this article. (credit goes to wonderful users from tumblr and Fanpop, responses were not tampered with, but if you want you can correct any spelling mistakes and grammar)

Reason 1: I'm still quite new to the community, but I'll take a stab at it. First off, it's not that I hate Ron... though I freely admit he reminds me strongly of a high school boyfriend I had that did not turn out well, and who happened to be a tall, lanky, freckled redhead on top of all that. It's also not that I think Draco and the Slytherins are right and Potter and Co. are the annoying, self-righteous prigs Draco often casts them as being. Really, I think it's impossible to read the books in canon and walk away with that concept without skewing the story so much it's a completely alternate reality. Nor is it that I'm crazy about bad boys: as evidence, I'm also a Lost fan, and my crush of choice in that fandom is Hurley, the least bad boy possibly ever.

So why Draco and Hermione? First off, I was convinced he was canonically head over heels for her right around the moment she smacked him in PoA and he did nothing: didn't hex her, didn't hit back, didn't try to take revenge, just stood there because he realized he had just taken it way too far. Same thing in GoF, when the Death Eaters are attacking at the Quidditch World Cup; he may have been incredibly rude about it, but he essentially warns Ron and Harry to get Hermione out of there because she's the one in the worst danger. So, even in canon, it's possible to interpret that his character is interested in hers. Added to that, Pansy's hatred of Hermione is a little too strong; it's like she suspects something's up.

For Hermione's part, there are a variety of moments you can pick on as well where possible feelings for Draco are concerned, most notably in book six where she spends an inordinate amount of time proclaiming his innocence to Harry and Ron, especially considering he really isn't. She never zones in on making him pay in the same way she does with Rita Skeeter, either.

Hermione is highly intelligent, good at reading people's emotions, thinks things through carefully, and, yes, has been known to have a crush on attractive wizards without a lot of socially redeeming characteristics (::coughLockhartcough::). Draco is ALSO highly intelligent, good at reading people's emotions, and is capable of coming up with plans carefully. Hermione can be a little elitist about intellect, and Draco is, of course, massively elitist about purebloods. They have a lot in common that isn't relatively apparent at first sight. It's great to get them to realize that in a fic as well.

Of course, they're also forbidden fruit on both sides. Draco has been raised to believe Muggle-borns are idiotic things little better than animals, a notion that Hermione's mere existence must have shattered. On Hermione's side, she's in a group that hates all Slytherins, yet note how often Hermione rushes to Snape's defense in the books.

There's also a huge potential for comedy with the two of them. Ron and Hermione are capable of bantering back and forth with great results, but Draco and she could get even more mileage out of that, especially since Draco isn't quite so clueless as Ron often is (I'll guarantee you it didn't take Draco 4 years to suss out that Hermione is a girl). On top of that, "fish out of water" stories can abound here. Stick Draco at a cricket match, have Hermione attempt dealing with most of the Malfoy's connections, and interesting stuff is going to happen.

Finally, there's the fact Draco's character just sort of lies there in the books. Early on, he really seems like he's going to be massively important, but by book 7 he doesn't really do much at all, and he sort of fizzles. Pairing him up with Hermione on some level gives a chance to round out the character, exploring some of the facets that are hinted at, like the sobbing with Moaning Myrtle or the relationship with his father or Voldemort holding his family hostage for him to kill Dumbledore, but that we never see from his perspective. On Hermione's side, in part because the books are told from Harry's POV, we don't necessarily get a huge amount of info on what's going on in her brain because most of the time it's flying over Harry's head (a brilliant bit of characterization on Rowling's part, actually, since what's going on in a girl's head nearly always mystifies teenage boys). With Draco, she might have a chance to interact with someone who gets what she's saying, thinking, and feeling more quickly.

Plus, yes, the bad boy and the smart girl are hot together

Reason 2: So I occasionally see people who question our insanity. Why do we put our efforts in fanning something that "would never happen"?

Why Dramione is so enticing?
For me, I'm always drawn to the stories about people who find love in the least likely of places.

I love to watch(read) a character grow and realize their own flaws through a relationship with another.
And you can't get any bigger in character development where one goes against all they have believed/thought just because someone comes along and steals their affection.

Who's better to put Draco in his place then 'ole Hermione? Throw in some romance and you've got yourself a epic story! ;)

Its that unrequited, forbidden, "star-crossed" romances that's so great to read. These kind of stories take your breathe away, make you feel happy when they're together, sad when they're torn apart,or heartache when they angst for each other.

Hr/R (and the like) is great and all, but where are the obstacles that make it a story worth obsessing over?

Reason 3: Okay, so I know there are a lot of people out there very close-minded to the couple of Dramione. Which is fine, but I think the reason most people are is because they don't realize the true potential these two have as a couple. Yes, they didn't end up together in the books, and yes, there is no SOLID evidence that there was every anything more than hate between them, but in my opinion if you think about their characters individually and not necessarily together they could be perfect together. In my opinion Draco would see her as redemption of sorts. And I know most people's argument is "Draco hates Hermione because of her blood purity." But to me that's an idea that Lucius has instilled in Draco from a very young age, and it's clear to me that as he ages he realizes, like many teenagers do, that their parents ideas don't always mesh well with what they believe. Also it seems to me that Draco's one of the few people that can actually kind of keep up with Hermione intellectually. Just think about how smart he must have been to mend the vanishing cabinet, HELL just think about how smart he must be just to come up with the idea to mend the cabinet. In my opinion Ron was never really smart enough for her, and I, personally, couldn't see myself being completely happy with someone who wasn't as intelligent as me. Just think about all the intellectual conversations her and Draco could have as opposed to her and Ron, and what type of connection they could form off of these conversations alone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash Ron or anything, but I'm just stating a simple fact that he isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. Well anyways, I could honestly go on forever about why I love Dramione and why I think people should give them a chance.

Reason 4&5: Fanpop user 1: These two have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. They have so much potential together, and I love how fanfics , manage to expand on that. I think Draco can challenge her in more ways that Ron can, IMO.

Fanpop user 2: Yea, that's true. Not only can he challenge her, she would probably be the only one to put him in his place. In the books I've noticed that no one ever talked to Draco the way Hermione did and was able to get away with it. Like in the 5th book, I believe, Draco was mocking Harry and Hermione told him to leave and he listened to her. They both challenge and compliment each other. They are more a like than people think. Like they are both stubborn and some other things that will be too much to write down so I'll just leave it at that lol. :)

Fanpop user 1: Exactly, people keep saying that Draco treats her like crap because he hates mud-bloods and all that, but it's not like Ron treats her any better who I might add is supposed to be her friend. At least with Draco, she doesn't take all his shit like you said and that's one of the main reasons why they can challenge each other in a good way while with Ron she just kind of takes it and she ends up crying in the end. Now I don't wanna hate on another ship in order to justify Dramione, lol but these reasons plus the things that you said are the prime examples of why these two would work in an AU world. They come from two different worlds, but they're so alike at the same time. He's a Pureblood, and she's a Muggleborn, he's Slytherin and she's Gryffindor, but they're also both strong-minded and intelligent people (because let's face it, Hermione needs someone who can keep up with her intellectually not that Ron is stupid but I don't think they're on the same page most of the time).

Fanpop user 2: Yeah, completely agree. Draco and Hermione have so many layers to their relationship, unlike some pairings that are one dimensional. You can let your imagination run wild with Dramione because their relationship can go so many different ways. Not only that, but the romance that they have is way more than just 'We're friends, I have a crush on you, let's get married.' Their romance tests the trueness of their characters and has much more depth to it. Dramione does have all the criterias of being the most amazing, complex, and beautiful love story ever. 'The couples that always seem to be the least likely or impossible always make the most sense.' -Anonymous
That basically explains why I love Dramione.

Reason 6: Dramione will ALWAYS be the best shipping out there. And "real Harry Potter fans" don't always stick to the story line. If you were a true HP fan, you would be able to accept different ships because JK taught us about using your imagination and magic. Dramione IS our magical imagination. Who are we to take away the whole moral of the story about magic and imagination? I think that is worse than shipping two characters that never happened. I think that in the beginning, Draco suppressed his crush on Hermione by insulting her. Reminding himself to dislike her. Another is, if they ended up canon in the story, wouldn't it be interesting? The bad side and good side merge into something unbreakable? That each side can relate and find common ground? Can respect and know each story?

Reason 7: Draco has the ability to challenge Hermione and vice versa, which is quite a rare trait for both of them. They are both such strong characters that they need that sort of balance in their lives. Draco has always been the bully and the leader (he has cronies, I mean really) and despite everyone thinking Harry is the head of the trio, it is actually Hermione, they wouldn't get far without her. To have two such powerful people together would be a wonderful thing
Pride and Prejudice - enough said
We have some extremely talented fanfic writers
To ship Dramione is to ship the possibility of love regardless of appearances.
The potential in their relationship is phenomenal - they have enough differences to keep their relationship interesting and firey and enough similarities to be able to keep their relationship stable.
It would have been such a great twist to put her with him in the books. Overcoming differences to be together. Even though there are so many clear reasons why they can’t be together, they are. It would teach a great lesson.
They look beautiful together.
Hermione would finally have someone to match her intelligence level - they are both at the top of their class. Both are the one ones that are able to keep up in their battle of wits. Both deserve a significant other who are their intellectual equals.
Their angst and fights make them have some of the hottest sex around.
Although it won’t be all roses, when they work together to surpass their problems their relationship will only get stronger. Some of the obstacles they have to face include grudges, pride, previous impressions, friends, family, the Wizarding world.
It is a pairing where the bad boy or at least the anti-hero gets paired with the heroine which is rare and magical in itself.
They both have to step out of their comfort zone to work with each other proving there is more than lust involved - the effort it takes to be in a relationship is immense.
If you take away the blood-based hate, they are equals in every other way. Draco is smart, ambitious, and prideful and Hermione is well… smart, ambitious, and prideful.
Draco would fight to have someone of quality by his side, and if it wasn't for the prejudices, there is no doubt she would be his first pick. When Ron and Hermione got together it felt like she “settled”. (No hate to Ronmione shippers).
With Dramione, you can allow your imagination to run wild. There is no ‘canon’ restraints with Dramione.
The fact that Draco needs redemption and Hermione would serve the best purpose. He needs redemption for judging people based on their blood - she is a mudblood. He needs redemption for going to the dark side - she is part of the Golden Trio.
The obvious chemistry between them - boys do not pick on girls for no reason (especially not at the age of 11/12 - girls are meant to have cooties at that age). Also, Hermione physically punched him. She didn't use her wand. This can be interpreted in many ways including the need to touch him, the need to show him that she is strong and can stand up for herself without her wand. No one has ever gotten a rise out of her like Draco Malfoy has and that spells out frustration.
Dramione is similar to what Snape and Lily had - He is a Slytherin and she is a Gryffindor which would be taboo. It’s a forbidden love, the adrenaline pumped risk of loving the enemy is extremely appealing and sexy.

Reason 8: REACTION FORMATION (look it up)

is to utterly believe unquestionably
that nothing -no task, idea, nor love
is impossible. We have faith that
prejudices can be broken,
wrongs can be forgiven,
and destiny rewritten."

Reason 10: Dramione is, for us, a chance. A chance to show that anything can happen if you truly want it. It's this hope that keeps us believing that, no matter what circumstance you are under, you could always change your fate and that's it's never impossible to reinvent something.

And if you like to learn more about reasons why people ship them using the book itself, check out this link. Please, I encourage you to do so. :)