Rouge went 2 the 3th floor n went 2 the boys gym

Rouge: (c shadow livi n sonic)

Shadow: (took off his shirt)

Rouge: O///////O

Livi: O/////O OMG (touch his musels) *idk how 2 spell it*

Shadow: u like it baby?
Livi: yes is sooo hot n sexy <3
Sonic: o yeah right my is sexyer (took off his shirt)
Livi: .....Shadow is sexyer (hugs him)
Sonic: -3-''' (leave)
Livi: now is u n me <3 (looks at him blushing)
Shadow: yeah (looks at her blushing)
(shadow n livi about 2 kiss)
Rouge: ........:(
Livi: UGH I HATE THAT GIRL....Im coming bk honey :( (kiss him)
Shadow: ok ;3
Rouge: ...</3
Shadow: (working out)
Rouge: (cough)
Shadow: Whos there?
Rouge: sorry ^^U
Shadow: what r u doing here in the boys gym?
Rouge: i was lost ^^U
Shadow: lol me 2 livi took me there
Rouge: she knows this skool?
Shadow: yeah shes populor
Rouge:.......oh ok (sits next 2 him) btw sins were in skool....r we still gonna do r misson of the G.U.N?
Shadow: (looks at her smiling) of cours we important lol
Rouge: XD u wanna vist my place in my dorm at night just try 2 sneak out
Shadow: i can at least use chaos countrol
Rouge: or do that ^^U XD
Shadow: ok...but 4 what?
Rouge: will me Eiza and Brianna is goign 2 play spin the battle
Shadow: ii n the guys is going 2 b there?
Rouge: yeah..
Shadow: How about livi?
Rouge: (looks down) idk...can i ask u something sins ur my best friend?
Shadow: yeah..?
Rouge: I...
Livi: im bk ^3^
Rouge: nvm ill go
Shadow: :/?
Livi: um whats worng w/ rouge?
Shadow: nothing just a little talk ^^
Livi: o ok...
Shadow: u wanna go 2 rouge dorm 2 play spin the battle they goign 2 bring pizza btw
Livi: o ok ^3^ baby ill go w/ u
Shadow: ok

part 5 is coming soon ^3^