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Faye Chamberlain | Weaker girl

Cake; Jake Armstrong and Faye Chamberlain

Faye Chamberlain - "I'm a wicked witch"

Jake & Faye | harder to breathe

Jake and Faye || Too Close

Faye Chamberlain | i'm just that sexy..

► Faye Chamberlain | I Was So Scared

Jake + Faye | Here Without You

Faye & Jake | like this

● Faye Chamberlain | Calls Me Home

► Faye + Diana | S p e e c h l e s s

♦Jake&Faye || Hearts under fire

● Faye Chamberlain | Roslyn

Faye/Diana | Mr Brightside

Faye Chamberlain (The Secret Circle)

Who's Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

The Secret Circle, Faye

FAYE CHAMBERLAIN x Will you stay?

faye + jake; i'm in here

Faye Chamberlain | Karma's a Bitch

Criminal | Faye & Jake

Wherever You Will Go | Faye & Melissa

faye chamberlain | castle walls

faye/damon | suicide love

Faye And Jake || Someone Like You

enjoy the silence | faye & lee

Faye Chamberline || Lost along the way

Faye Chamberlain | Echo

Faye Chamberlain | Go Little Bad Girl

Faye Chamberlain // Remember the Name

►TSC: Faye Chamberlain: Lights

Faye&Lee ~ scream (1x16 spoilers)

Faye & Jake . The secret circle

● Faye + Lee | Cruel & Beautiful World

► Faye Chamberlain "Im a Sexy Bitch"

[SC] Faye [& Jake] - I wanna go

Faye Chamberlain || Sexy Girl

Faye/Jake-Every Me Every You

faye & jake | "jealously isn't a good look on you.. [1x13]

girls like you; faye chamberlain

Faye Chamberlain | Heartbreaker [(TSC)]

• you're not ᴀʟoɴᴇ in this;; ♡ [Faye/Diana]

jake & faye | "i am done with guys...for now"

faye & diana | the nicest thing

Faye Chamberlain || Right Here, Right Now

Faye & Lee { The Reason }

Faye Chamberlain; I'm notorious.

FAYE CHAMBERLAIN - everybody knows I'm supergirl...

faye chamberlain | castle walls

I'm a Bitch[Faye Chamberlain] {Secret Circle}

Faye Chamberlain | Behind these castle walls

Faye Chamberlain || Castle Walls

[Klaus/Faye] I'm sorry (AU)

The Secret Circle Music Video- Faye Chamberlain - Im Here

Faye & Diana - Fayana - What Hurt The Most

Faye&Cassie [I Put a Spell on You]

Faye Chamberlain - "CrushCrushCrush"


Faye & Lee | Sweet Dreams

Faye & Lee | ain't born typical

faye chamberlain; see that girl right there, she's sexy as hell

The Secret Circle - Faye Chamberlain "Seven devils" (1x11)

Adam & Faye - Рossibly |The Secret Circle |

faye & diana | ships in the night

Faye Chamberlain - Something You Want To Forget About

The Secret Circle║ ► Faye Chamberlain Music Video

Faye/Melissa || What Happened To Us

Faye & Adam - We Might As Well Be Strangers

Adam-Faye (AU) Lie In The Sound

Faye Chamberlain ►100% reason to remember the name

Adam /Faye; Hide.

Faye Chamberlain :: Paralyzer

faye chamberlain | echo

Damon and Faye/She's a heartbreaker.

Faye + Damon | Counting bodies like sheep

Faye Chamberlain - "Little Bad girl"

Faye Chamberlain - I Get Dark

The Secret Circle || Faye Chamberlain || I May Be Bad.. But I'm So Perfectly Good At It..

Faye Chamberlain - Castle Walls

i'll seek you out, flay you alive...// faye chamberlain (tsc) for Ems.

faye chamberlain | i'm in here (The Twins' wish)

Faye Chamberlain | Lies are entertainment

Faye Chamberlain | Sexy & I Know It

The Secret Circle||Faye Chamberlain

faye chamberlain;; i'm only getting started ღ

TSC | Faye Chamberlain | Can't keep me in control

Faye Chamberlain | Behind these castle walls ♡

Faye/All The Ladies | Please Don't Go

Stefan/Faye; Over you

katherine and faye

Katherine/Faye // I'm a bitch

Bad Girls [Ruby/Katherine/Faye]

Now I'm That Bitch - Faye, Katherine & Rebekah

Damon/Cassie/Faye & Charles/Katherine |TVD / TSC |

She's A Genius - Katherine & Faye (TVD & Secret Circle)

Faye Chamberlain/Katherine Pierce

Faye & Jake | i just wanna bring you down so badly

Faye & Dean ... Give me reason | TSC/SPN

Faye & Dean... You're just a fantasy girl

● Damned if she do | Katherine & Faye