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Fan fiction by Chameron-lvr posted over a year ago
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Quinn couldn't believe it, her baby was coming and she still has not told Finn. "its ok, just breathe" he tells her, tears roll down her face as she thinks of that summer the summer where that lime-a-loser got her pregnet.

-summer 2008-

She's been spending a lot of time with Puck, Finn's on a family trip to Flordia. She misses him they talk on the phone every night, but not tonight tonight she's with Puck laughing as he draws buck teeth on the picture of Rachel Berry in the yearbook. "stop, my sides are killing me!" she laughs, rolling off her couch with a 'plunk' Puck smiles going to help her up but she pulls him down beside her, still laughing. they stare into each others eyes and slowly kiss, ingaging in wat would be the love making that would change both their lives.

She's wheeled into a delivery room, starting to laugh seeing Finn's pain filled face. "Finn, no matter what happens, i love you" she smiles telling him "i love you too" the doctor tells her to push, she takes a deep breath griping Finn's hand and pushes.