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List by GypsyMarionette posted over a year ago
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Absinth/Wormwood:     Separation and Torment of Love
Acacia:     Platonic Love, concealed love
Aconite/Monkshood:     Misanthropy and Poisonous Words
Adams's Needle:     A Friend in Need
Adonis:     Recollection of Life's Pleasure
Almond:     Virginity and Fruitfulness
Almond Blossom:     Hope and Watchfulness
Aloe:     Wisdom and Integrity
Allspice:     Compassion
Alyssum (sweet):     Worth beyond beauty
Amaranth:     Fidelity
Amaranth, Globe:     Unchangeable
Amaryllis:     Pastoral Poetry, Pride
Ambrosia:     Your Love is reciprocated
Anemone:     Refusal and Abandonment, Forsaken