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Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Fan fiction Article

me and green part one

Fan fiction by happyian2 posted over a year ago
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Ian:Im lonley and board but Im gonna see cousin mac.
mom:time to go ian!
Ian:hi cousin mac!
mac:o hi ian.
(mac's backpack wiggles)
Ian:whats up with your backpack?
mac:come on out bloo!
Bloo:amazig he's like your almost twin!
mac&ian:you think?
Bloo:great now i got two dorks!
Ian:hey i am not a dork!
mac:i am not either!
bloo:yes you are.
Ian:o ya do dorks like pranks!?
bloo:go on.
Ian:do you want to egg frankie's car!
bloo:ya lets go!
Ian:ok bloo ready aim FIRE!
Frankie:IAN! BLOO!
Ian:ok bloo what i want you to do is RUN!

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big smile
nice job brother!
posted over a year ago.