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Tohru & Kyo 'I was born sick'

~Fruits Basket\\Dare You To Move~

Yuki/Machi and Kyo/Tohru - Gotta Be Somebody

Fruits Basket MMV- The Only Exception

Kyo and Tohru

Keep Holding On - Fruits Basket

Kyo and Tohru//Hero

Kyo||Tohru; The Reason♥

Kyo&Tohru || "I Have Loved You For A Thousand Years" ♥

Mr. Right.

Fruits Basket Soundtrack 13: Akito's theme

Mercenary - Shigure

opening fruit basket

Furuba/Fruits Basket AMV- Never Too Late

Katsuya and Kyoko MMV- Never Alone

Yuki And Machi MMV- Cry

Kyo and Tohru MMV- Far Away

♫Fruits Basket~Funny Moment♫

♫Fruits Basket AMV(7)♫

♫Fruits Basket AMV(6)♫

♫Fruits Basket AMV(5)♫

♫Fruits Basket AMV(4)♫

♫Fruits Basket AMV(3)♫

♫Fruits Basket AMV(2)♫

♫Fruits Basket AMV(1)♫

Tohru and Kyo Moments

Fruits Basket Trailer 1

AMV Fruits Basket - For Fruits Basket

Kyo Just Can't Wait To Be King

Fruits Basket - Kyo Tohru Yuki - Kiss The Girl

Akito Sohma AMV- Concrete Angel

Hatori and Kana AMV- Whiskey Lullaby

Kyo and Tohru AMV- I am Gonna Love You

Akito and Shigure AMV- Rolling in the Deep {Spoilers}

The Kill (Fruits Basket)

Fruits Basket OST - Secret

【DSS】 Fruits Basket - A Beautiful Lie

You Found Me - Fruits Basket AMV

Fruits Basket - At the Beginning

Fruits Basket AMV (Best years of our lives)

Shigure Sohma AMV- Original Prankstar

Kyo X Tohru AMV- This Is A Call

Hatori X Kana AMV- I Feel You

Kyo X Tohru AMV- Everytime We Touch

Akito Sohma AMV- Perfect Enemy

Kagura X Kyo X Tohru AMV- Mad World

Kyo & Tohru --I'm falling even more in love with you--

Fruits Basket - A Thousand Years - Kyo/Tohru

Kyo and Tohru - If I Never Knew You

~♥ Serenade ♥~ sung and arranged by Erutan ( katethegreat19 )