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The fans pick: Finchel
The fans pick: maria // quinn+rachel
maria // quinn+rachel
nic // sebastian+santana
The fans pick: nic // will+emma
nic // will+emma
maria // puck+quinn
The fans pick: maria // finn+rachel
maria // finn+rachel
nic // quinn+sam
The fans pick: No. 1: Sue Sylvester
No. 1: Sue Sylvester
No. 2: Santana Lopez
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piperlovegood said …
I have a lot of glee fanart on my computer that I've accumulated over the last 4 years. and I'm thinking of sharing a pic a week to keep the gleek spot alive .I'll try to keep it non-ship centric (but keep in mind I have a bursting folder of Brittana and a hefty folder for Faberry so one might slip in). Hopfully this isn't a lame idea. I'll post one every Monday night. Posted 11 days ago
nathylaranja said …
2-years ago today, we lost an incredible #glee #talent. In memory of the late & great #CoryMonteith #RIPCoryMonteith Posted 18 days ago
piperlovegood said …
I would like to apologize and explain where I've been the last few months. The drama with my friend is finally lifting (things are looking up but it's not over yet). Because of everything I've been helping her more than normal. Since summer is here I've been booked solid on dogsitting jobs and havn't been able to do much on a real computer. I will try to be more active with on my phone because I miss my fellow gleeks.

love ya'll, Amanda Posted 1 month ago
bright_angel commented…
I am happy about your friend! :) x 29 days ago