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The fans pick: H2O- Just Add Water
H2O- Just Add Water
Mako Mermaids
The fans pick: Riki
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1 fan has answered this question
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magicenchantix said …
I Love this show. I heard that season 4 is going be going on 2016. I hope that is true. Although that is like one year too long of a wait. Although i understand it takes time to make the props and get them ready, same with the tails, costumes and everything else. Anyway, I love this show. Posted 2 months ago
James_Fudge commented…
Yes I do hope its true, but there is talk of it being true or false. Hopefully its true I really need a season 4. 1 month ago
emmaandcleo said …
I love H2o Just Add Water sooooo much! Who is your favorite character from the show? Posted 3 months ago
magicenchantix commented…
Hi emmaandcleo i love h2o too. I heard that there will be a season 4 in the year of 2016. I heard that they were returning to the set but they don't know if all the casts are returning, they might get new actors to fill in for them or something. In season 1-2, i don't really have a fav character although however i do like emma. In season 3 i like Bella. She is a pretty good sing and i kinda like her as my fav charcaters but i like all the characters as well. 2 months ago
xsamisamilton said …
me too Posted 3 months ago