*Nina and Ashley are playing on a swing set in Nina's backyard*
Nina: Whee!

Ashley: Yay!

Mrs. Lunis: Come on, Ashley!

Ashley:*jumps off the swing* Bye cousin!*skips inside the house*
-Flashback Ends-
Ashley:*eyes stop glowing, gasps* You're my cousin! Nina's my cousin!

Fabian: Wow.

Ashley: I think I know how to fix Eddie and Nina.

Fabian: Do it!

Ashley: From the mouth of the gifted, the curse shall be lifted!

Eddie and Nina:*stops screaming and stand up*

Amber: Wow.

Fabian: That's was amazing.

Ashley: Thanks.

Eddie: How did you know you could do that?

Ashley: I didn't.

Eddie: Oh.

Ashley: I just said it because it rhymed and it just came to me.

Nina:*hugs Ashley* Thanks, cousin.

Ashley:*hugs back* You're welcome, cousin.

Senkhara's voice: This is over!

Amber: Did anyone else hear that?

Fabian, Ashley, Eddie, and Nina:*nod*

Amber: Oh.

Nina: She might attack us again.

Ashley: I won't let her.


Ashley: Now let's all get to bed.

-The Next Morning-
*everyone except Nina and Eddie are in the dining room eating breakfast*

Patricia: Where's Eddie?

Fabian: He should be coming. Where's Nina?

Amber: She should be coming. And guess what guys? I found out Ashley and Nina are cousins!

Jerome: Really?


Alfie: That's so cool!

Eddie and Nina:*scream*

Fabian: Nina!*runs out of dining room and upstairs*

Patricia: Eddie!*runs out of dining room and towards the boys side of the house*

Fabian and Patricia:*come back to the dining room* They're gone!

...to be continued...