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Opinion by LavenderLily posted over a year ago
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Hey. I just wanted to post this article from know your meme, but I just though it would be quicker if you read it from here. :)


“Humanization” is a term frequently used by fans of the TV series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” to describe the popular art trend where characters from the show are re-imagined as human beings, with the intent being to accurately capture the personalities of the characters and preserving some of their signature visual features.


While it’s difficult to pinpoint when the earliest examples of humanized ponies first appeared, the popularity of humanizing animal cartoon characters pre-dates the popularity of the G4 My Little Pony. A March 31, 2009 entry on Urban Dictionary uses it to define the term “Gijinka,” using the Sonic and Pokemon fandoms as the most popular examples (at the time).

“Mostly done in fan-art, it is the name for the humanization of any animal-like character. Most popularly done with Sonic the Hedgehog characters, and Pokemon.” – UrbanDictionary definition of “Gijinka”