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endou mamoru
raimon eleven team
loooooooooooooooool XD
Boys Will Always Be Boys
Just Helping
ha ha
sweet hiroto
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Aki, Natsumi , Haruna and Fuyuka (Original)
Aoi , Akane , Midori and Minori (Go)
The fans pick: Seto Midori
Seto Midori
Yamana Akane
The fans pick: Beta
The fans pick: The Aliea Aliens from Inazuma Season 2
The Aliea Aliens from Inazuma Season 2
The real aliens from Go Galaxy
The fans pick: Original Japanese names (Gouenji, Endou , Aki)
Original Japanese names (Gouenji, Endou , Aki)
DUB names (Mark, Nelly ,...
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Inazuma Eleven Wall

jessy_an said …
Inazuma eleven go is on TV and I ain't dreaming well this doesn't matter 'cause internet is there still I am informing and the channel Toonami is broadcasting it and all my favorite cartoons Iamsodamnhappy....ohmygosh please someone give me thumsup... Posted 19 days ago
Kaka_48 said …
i miss those days when we had post on our wall saying pass it to some of ur friends and we did that....we chated...made group discussions :v miss it!miss that war time,me recruiting for human and esraa for aliens :v >_< :'( the end.......... <3 INAZUMA ELEVEN <3 Posted 1 month ago
Tonikablaze commented…
We can never get that time back...can we? 1 month ago
Kaka_48 commented…
no we cant :( 1 month ago
Kaka_48 commented…
hmn.........but not everyone :( 29 days ago
WinterAmari said …
Heyyyy anyone on this club? I used to love inazuma eleven and still do :D My fav characters are Gouenji and Powai Pichori :D Who are yours? Posted 2 months ago
anushkaadrita commented…
my fav is kiyama hiroto. 1 month ago
Kaka_48 commented…
GOUENJI <3 1 month ago
Tonikablaze commented…
Gouenji!! 1 month ago