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The fans pick: mark/endou
The fans pick: Coach Travis
Coach Travis
Coach Leena
The fans pick: fubuki shirou
fubuki shirou
gouenji shuya
The fans pick: Burn x Gazal
Burn x Gazal
Fubuki X Haruna
The fans pick: Fubuki
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Fubukiness said …
Has anyone checked out the new Nintendo Anime Channel? ... I dropped my 3DS down the stairs last week and it is no more T_T Posted 3 months ago
purobi97 said …
I miss the never-ending forum writings....T_T Posted 3 months ago
Fubukiness said …
Does anyone have any news on the rumored new season of Inazuma Eleven? Posted 3 months ago
iamangephantom commented…
nope. what is it? can you tell us, pls? 3 months ago
Fubukiness commented…
I don't know either, I just saw some people on other places commenting that there was a new season announced for 2015... but I can't find out if they mean a new season of GO or a new season of IE. I hope it's a new season of the original, I'd like to see something from after the events of the original series but before GO. Like Mark's time in High School or something. I've asked the people who manage the UK facebook page but they are very secretive aboutit, they just say they can't confirm or deny it... which isn't much of a help. Still they told me to pay attention to their page because they might have news on it in the near future. Maybe it has something to do with Nintendo's new Anime channel coming to the 3DS, I've heard that will play episodes of IE and some new content... maybe the new content is new episodes? 3 months ago
Shiro_chan commented…
WOW 3 months ago
markevans18 commented…
Man I am deadly waiting for this 1 month ago