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The fans pick: Endou Mamoru
The fans pick: Natsumi
The fans pick: Goenji Shuuya (Axel Blaze)
The fans pick: Axel Blaze
The fans pick: Fubuki
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sakuma said …
To the people who r my fans and still using fanpop and to everyone else. I would like to apologize for my rude, weird and selfish behavior I have shown. Plz forgive me. If not, then it's OK u have every right to be angry with me. Anyways I am leaving fanpop. Good bye Posted 3 months ago
nellykhan said …
Minna..missed you all & this place a lot ... its been a long time .... how are you all... ??? Posted 4 months ago
kitakedo commented…
This club... is still alive? lol 4 months ago
nellykhan commented…
yes .. u replied ... its still alive i guess 4 months ago
nellykhan commented…
this used to be my fav. club 4 months ago
SvenPlaysBlaze said …
Hey! Im Back I havent been in Fanpop because well 1. I had bad leg injury because stupid wild dogs at night in Bosnia 2.After That i had to go to America because of our Uncle to continue High School sooo yeah thats why my Grammar is better hehehe Posted 8 months ago
SvenPlaysBlaze commented…
BTW if you guys want me to continue the articles let me know 8 months ago
anushkaadrita commented…
hey?? remember me?? 8 months ago
SvenPlaysBlaze commented…
Yep 8 months ago
anushkaadrita commented…
wooww.. its been 2 years.. 8 months ago