La Push Beach
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    Jacob and I were walking down the beach in La Push. There wasn't much to see in Forks so he suggested I see La Push. The air was filled with the scent of salt water. It was a beautiful beach and the peace of walking down it had gotten to me. Suddenly I was happy I'd moved here, if not or the beach, because I'd met Jacob. Jacob was very easy to talk to he loved to make jokes and fool around and at the same time he was intense and thoughtful. “So how old are you... like 16 or 17 ?” I asked him. Jacob laughed.
    “No I actually just turned 16.” He told me, looking pleased with himself. Wow, i thought. Jacob looked very mature for his age there was no way i could have guessed that he was only 16. An abrupt sound interrupted my thoughts, no it was more o an animal's howl. I jumped at the loud noise. Jacob suddenly had a panicked expression on his face. “Um, it was nice to meet you Bella but I have to go” he pulled out a map from the back pocket of his jeans. “Here follow the green line, and you'll be back home.” He told me before running into the forest. I slowly walked back to my car trying to imagine where Jacob had went in the forest. But I kept on coming up blank.
    Soon enough I found my car it was parked on a gravel road across from a deserted meadow. Just as I opened the door to my car I felt a breeze around me. Not only did I feel a breeze, I could have sworn I saw somebody walk right by me. But the gravel road along with the meadow were still deserted. I shook my head figuring I was just imagining things and sat down in the driver seat of the car before closing the door. I placed the key into the ignition and my truck roared to life. That was when I saw something from the corner of my eye. I turned to see someone in the passenger seat. I could not hold it in I screamed! But the passenger next to me covered my mouth with a pale, freezing cold hand. It was a male, with blondish hair... probably around the age of 20. He was beautiful, but with pale with golden eyes.
    There was a knock on the window and within seconds there were six more people surrounding my car each with the same pale face and golden eyes all around the ages of 20 or 30. “Jasper, No!” they were all yelling at different times. There was a loud noise that caused them all to whip their heads around. Suddenly all six of them gasped, all but the one next to me who still held my gaze.