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King Mickey and the Organization Part 4

Fan fiction by ILoveKingMickey posted over a year ago
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King Mickey in the Lead
As seen in Part 3...

Minnie was startled and jumped at the sound of his voice. Axel took out his weapon of flames and struck Minnie several times, knocking her flat. He turned her over and let loose a gasp of shock, "The Queen?!?! What do you think you're doing here?!?!" The Queen struggled helplessly as she was pulled upright. Axel murmurred under his breath, "Excellent...huhuh."

. . .

Sora, Donald, and Goofy had been wandering the many corridors of the castle for a long time now, while each of them became more and more anxious.
"Where do you think the cells are, Goofy?"
"I have no idea..."
"Well, this castle is big enough alright!"
Donald peered up the stairs, "Shh! Somebody’s coming!" Sora grabbed both of them by the back of their collars, and dragged them around the corner. Xigbar and Luxord flanked both sides of the King while Saix led the way down the narrow artery. Not one of them saw the trio leaning against the walls, in the shadows. Sora gaped, "Did you see that? They had the King!" Goofy looked at Sora happily, "Yeah, huhuh, that's definitely him!" Donald stomped on Goofy's foot, "Well, don't just stand there! Let's go after 'em!" But, Sora had already gone.
Donald and Goofy looked at each other with a dull expression on their faces, but quickly followed to reunite with Sora. Luxord looked behind him, and saw the inevitable, "Saix, we have company," He said with a smirk of countenance. Saix cocked his head aside, "Excellent," he purred, "This is what we've been waiting for. You cannot let the King out of your sight. Get him down to his cell. I'll deal with these fools."
Luxord and Xigbar had their weapons pointed at the King, as they continued to lead him on. The King looked from side to side with intense eyes. He felt exhileration and rage burn inside him. He simply had to help them, but how?

. . .

Saix waited, his black cloak swirling about his hooded frame. Beside him, was a behemothic window, which if you looked up, you could see Kingdom Hearts, shining it's radiance over the ill lit room. Sora stopped in his tracks; Donald and Goofy following suit.
"Can you feel it? The moon's power?"
"What did you do with the King?"
"That is of no importance. What are you doing here?"
"That's no business of yours, either."
All the while, Saix's head had drifted downward, as if he were asleep, but abruptly, his head snapped up, and his eyes were yellow. His gleaming white teeth, glistened as his lips pulled up into a smile.
"Enough talk. The time is nearly ripe. Funny, how you should drop in at this specific time, for you see..." Saix took out his weapon, that looked somewhat like a long purple and yellow pole with a dazzling star at one end, "My entire competency is generated from there..." He pointed a black gloved hand at the moon above. Sora looked at him incredulously, "I don't care where your power comes from. Like you said, 'enough talk.'" And the battle was on. Sora's keyblade flashed in an ark as the two fought, head on; each seeking an opening as they continued in the dance of death (or nonexistence). Suddenly, a black cloud drifted over the moon, and the room became darker than before. Saix backed up and covered his face with his long arms, "No!" Sora found his chance and rushed Saix, unexpectedly. Sora bulled Saix into the monolithic window. The lunette shattered into millions of shards; some pieces tiny and diamond like and others were huge and pointed. Saix fell through the window; his arms directed upward due to the gravitational force; his expression frozen with shock as he plummeted to the unknown depths of the abyss below.
"That was some good fightin' Sora!" Goofy exclaimed.
Sora fell to the floor with a bump, out of exhaustion. Donald knelt by his side, and gave him a potion. Sora then perked up, and leaped to his feet, "Right. Which way did they go?" Just then, they heard the clamor of battle down the stairs. "This way," Sora shouted.

. . .

The King had finally made his move. Feinting to the right, he performed a left overhead cut with his keyblade. Luxord gave a sigh of defeat as his limp form slump to the ground. Xigbar took out his sniper guns loaded with innumerable lasers. The King rolled back and forth, side to side, dodging every laser shot at him. When he was close enough, his legs shot out and caught Xigbar in the side of his legs. Xigbar fell to the ground, and the King stood over him, panting. Xigbar looked at him for all but one final moment, and disappeared in a mist of black fragments, without a sound.
"Your Majesty!" Sora and the others called.
The King blinked and nodded his head eminently and with calm authority. "Where have you been? I mean... It's so good to see you; long time no talk," Sora grinned.
This is the first time in many long days that the King has talked ever since his capture, "I'm glad that you're all safe. Say, did ya take care of Saix?" Sora shouldered his keyblade with ease, "Oh him? Nah, I don't think he'll be bothering us anymore." "Good, I assume you received my letter?"
"Most definitely, but I have a question, your Majesty. How and where did you get captured?”
Mickey looked up toward the ceiling with a resignated sigh, “Hmm. Well, I was in the realm of darkness, as I think I remember, and the Organization surrounded me. I remember Axel, Saix, Luxord, Xigbar, and Demyx being there. We fought for what seemed like forever, but eventually numbers overtook me.” The King then averted his gaze to Sora, his expression was unreadable, but he quickly resumed his composure and strode past them.
“Where are you going?”
“I need to find Xemnas.”
Donald pulled on Sora’s shirt and whispered into his ear, “What have we done?”
Sora looked at him with speculative eyes, “What are you talking about?”
Donald risked a quick glance at the King before remarking, “The Queen is still outside. Should we tell him that we brought his wife along?”
“Excuse me?” The King looked at him, arms crossed, definitely mad.
“Hehe…” Donald laughed nervously.
“What did you say, Donald?” The King persisted.
“Nothing,” Donald lied.
“Really? Because it looked like you said something. Are you lying to me?”
Donald gave up with a sigh, and looked at Sora apologetically, “The Queen is outside…”
“What!? She’s here? Now?” The King said disbelievingly, but that dissolved to fury. “What is she doing here? She should be at the castle. This is no place for a Queen. What were you thinking? Did it ever occur to you that she might be in danger? What happened in my absence?” The King now looked at Sora, questioningly.
“Don’t worry, she’s outside. When we were at your castle, she wanted to come with us. What were we supposed to say to the Queen? No? When we got here, she was accidentally attacked by a heartless. She told us to go rescue you, and she’d wait for us.” The King suddenly burst towards the door, “Xemnas can wait,” he muttered under his breath. The doors boomed open and the King flipped down the path, “Minnie?” He said with a hint of urgency. Sora and the others followed and immediately their stomachs started to turn. Where was the Queen? The King whirled on them, his face unfathomable, “Where is she?” He said through his clenched teeth. All the authority and intensity exerted into his words suddenly weighed down on the three friends.
Goofy looked from side to side with one hand shading his eyes from the street lights above, “I don’t know, maybe she went on a walk, down that there street.”
The King averted his attention to Goofy, “No more playing games, Goof. Is this some kind of a sick joke?”
“No joke. She was here, but don’t worry, we’ll find her.” Was it just Goofy’s imagination, or did he actually see someone in the window?
“What is it Captain?” The King inquired.
“I think I saw somethin’”
“In that there window,” he declared, pointing.

. . .

Xemnas stared into the Queen’s eyes from where he was standing, at the window, “What have we here, Axel?”
“The Queen,” Axel said with distaste.
Xemnas smiled in approval, “This may be our avenue of victory.” He looked at the Queen as if noticing her for the first time, “I presume you know the King?” Minnie looked back at him fearlessly, but she was absolutely cringing under her skin. Xemnas then stepped closer to her, “I’m so very glad you decided to drop in and visit us. Do you, perhaps, have the simplest idea of what is going on, exactly?” The Queen knew that Xemnas wanted possession of Kingdom Hearts, although she had no knowledge of how he planned to attain it. She held her silence deliberately.
“You insolent Queen, you are just as stubborn as your husband.” He grabbed her hands in a viselike grip and practically dragged her to the open window.

. . .

Sora looked up at the castle, and let loose a gasp of shock, “Your Majesty!” The Queen was being held up in front of the window, as she struggled feebly against the mighty strength that sought to overpower her. The pain that coursed through the King’s veins almost had him on his knees, “Xemnas!!”
Xemnas smiled in smug satisfaction, “I’m glad to finally have your attention.”
The King’s eyes burned with anger and hatred towards his past captor, and now his wife’s, “Put her down! She has nothing to do with this.” Xemnas smiled, “Why don’t you just come up and get her, that is, if you dare entering my castle again.” The Queen looked at the King despairingly, “No, Mickey, don’t!” The King was about to run inside, when Sora blocked his way, with Donald and Goofy flanking either side of him. “Please, move out of the way,” He said calmly.
Sora stepped forward, “No your Majesty. Can’t you see, they’re trying to lure you? It’s all a trap. You’ll be killed as soon as you step inside.”
“What are you talking about?! That’s my wife in there! And she needs me.” The King tried to step around them, but Sora imitated the movement, as if he was a reflection in a mirror. The King’s hands balled up into fists, and he compelled all his ascendancy on Sora, “Move out of the way, now!” But, Sora stood his ground, “I won’t let you rush into your death, your Majesty. I’m sorry.”
Just then, The King acted as if he was giving up, but quickly feinted to the right and ran to the left. Instinctively, Sora moved behind Goofy, who was on his left, and struck out with the haft of his keyblade. The blow stunned the King momentarily, when Sora hit out with his haft again. The second shot did the trick, and the King lay motionless on the ground.
Donald gave quack of dismay, “Sora… Did you really have to do that?”
Sora sheathed his keyblade, “I just got him with the handle, that’s all. I’m upset I had to do that, but we need to think things through before acting. He’s always thought that way, until now, but I suppose it’s because the Queen was involved.
“Think Donald, if I had let him rush in there. Do you think Xemnas would just let him pluck the Queen out of his hands, and leave?” Donald sighed in defeat, and looked at the limp form of the King on the ground. The clouds overhead started to drizzle, and they took the King under the shelter of some buildings. Sora looked at Goofy and Donald; both had a forlorn look upon there face.

. . .

Xemnas seethed with anger, at what he had just witnessed. How did Sora know of his plans? Axel entered, “Shall I take the Queen off your hands?” Xemnas didn’t even look at him, as he gestured to the Queen sitting on a chair. Axel grabbed Minnie none to gently, and took her down the stairs to a cell. “So much thinking to do,” Xemnas mumbled, with one hand on his forehead, “Hmm.” He turned and strode down the stairs, unobtrusively. As he turned the corner, there was another flight of stairs that led to a bigger chamber. There, illuminated in the moonlight, was his answer.


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