It has been reported that SHINee's Minho and SISTAR's Bora were injured during the filming of MBC's ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’.

Minho's leg got hooked on one of the hurdles. Since he didn't want to fall face down he turned his body and landed on his side. His waist hit the ground first but he immediately got up and insisted on walking to the finish line. Even though he injured his waist he continued on since he didn't want to worry his fans who were cheering for him. Reports say that when he finished the race he laid down on the ground for a while. Everyone (Staff, EXO, Infinite, and Mir) swarmed up and asked him if he was okay. He kept waving his hand and said he's okay. Then he stood up and walked slowly to the waiting room while holding his waist. It has been reported that EXO, Infinite, and Mir stayed with him almost the entire time. It warms my heart to know how close these idols really are. <3

Bora was also injured while crossing the finish line as first place during the 70 meter dash preliminary match, Bora took a wrong step and fell on her head. When she did not get up from her fall, the medical staff members quickly rushed to her aid. Fellow SISTAR member Soyu helped Bora back to the waiting room where she is currently being treated. It has not yet been reported whether she will be taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Our best wishes go to Minho and Bora. We hope they have a speedy recovery. <3