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Opinion by gabeee posted over a year ago
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Step Dad: you like led zeppelin? :D

DAD: u like the zepp?? is ur mom ok with this?!

STEP dad: i cant believe im having a conversation about led zeppelin with my daughter!! that r my favorite band!! :D

DAD: i cant believe im having a conversation about led zeppelin with my daughter :/ i wasnt a fan of them..

Step dad: stair way to heavin is my favorite song! :D

DAD: i dont like staiway to heavin its to slow and depressing :/

THIS IS WAT MY DAD AND STEP DAD REILLY SAID NO LIE :) and :( so these were said at diffrent times and i dont care what my dad said zeppelin is the best band in the word (look it up its a fact not just a oppinion) so ya.

Article by dakiniverona posted over a year ago
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Led Zeppelin Concert © 2010 Dakini Verona

It was a warm day in Golden Gate Park, which was very unusual if you have ever been to San Francisco in the summer. It was June 6th 1973. It happened to be Led Zeppelin’s last San Francisco concert- however it was my first.

I was just 10 weeks shy of giving birth to my love child. I was very pregnant and flaunted my “condition” by wearing a tie-on halter top and low slung short cut-off hip hugger jeans with wildly colored tights. I refused to conform to the mandates of society and therefore not only did not own any maternity clothes, but flashed my ample belly at every opportunity.

I had become proficient at finding my way into concerts without paying. There were always spare tickets to be had. A smile, pleading eyes, who could refuse? So there I was..at Kezar Stadium smack dab in the center of Golden Gate Park, in a crowd of more than 50,000, swaying to the music of yet another rock legend. Led Zeppelin. I could barely contain myself. I swooned at the sight of Robert Plant and Jimmie Page.