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The fans pick: Yes.
The fans pick: Neil Patrick Harris
The fans pick: Lady Gaga
The fans pick: It's 1 of several factors but I wouldn't support them if they didn't support =
The fans pick: Neil Patrick Harris
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kicksomebut23 said …
Androphilia demiromantic Posted 7 months ago
big smile
BennieBear27 said …
Im so happy they added a rainbow flag to the emojis! It shows that despite having a long way to go, we've still come really far! Posted over a year ago
BennieBear27 commented…
🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 over a year ago
kittycat07 commented…
me too over a year ago
JayThePan said …
is there any way to find out my gender? i have been having trouble figuring that out and currently dont know who i am Posted over a year ago
BennieBear27 commented…
Hey! I've gone through the exact same thing, and sometimes struggle with it. If you want more help, ask a question and explain it further. It's easier to help with more details. But like K said, I feel your problems. I'm here for ya! over a year ago
kittycat07 commented…
research the other genders, that is what i did, i am fluid over a year ago
BennieBear27 commented…
^^^Same! Or...I think. Been feeling a lot more like a guy as of late but whatever! 10 months ago