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lucas scott • i knew you were trouble

say it anyway {elena/lucas}

Character study: Lucas Scott [ throughout the seasons ]

[Brooke/Lucas] • "Brucas in 2 minutes"

«haley/lucas»[„My World is Better With You In It"]

Brooke & Lucas | Once you've tasted a love that strong

Brooke/Lucas - Mine Again

Lucas Scott All Scenes from 9x07

brooke/lucas • promises

We miss you Brooke and Lucas - Get it trending!

[Brooke | Lucas] "your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine..."

Lucas Scott - Im coming home

►Scott Brothers • Drop it to the Floor

One Tree Hill - Last Known Surroundings Producer's Preview

Lucas Scott Returns to Tree Hill - 9x07 Promo

brooke & lucas | i don't love you but i always will.

OTH - Lucas/Brooke/Julian Scene 6.16

►[brooke & lucas] • "I don't wanna hurt you .."

Top 10 season 6 leyton


Jake/Lucas - Use somebody

Brucas / Everything

brooke&lucas 'you'll always be my thunder...'

Brooke&Lucas-Don't You Wanna Stay

One Tree Hill: Brooke Davis & Lucas Scott - Far From Home

Brooke/Lucas AU-Ride

17 again (Quote) - Brucas Style

brooke&lucas 'but wait, i guess love wasn't enough...'

Lucas & Lindsey || White Horse

Brooke & Lucas ; Blueskies

OTH 8X11 Manip - BL Own the Storm

Brooke/Lucas - Come On Closer

Brooke & Lucas || Last dance

brooke&lucas 'i'll be there at the end of the day...'

Brooke & Lucas - Only just a Dream

i'd catch a grenade for you - Lucas Scott (and Peyton)

you shouldn't worry

Lose Yourself

Lucas Scott

Thinking of You

Brooke & Lucas || Saegopur

Bless The Broken Road (The Beginning of Always)

You gave up on me

Hide & Seek

lucas&haley • luckless romance

Pretty Girl-Brooke/Lucas

brooke&lucas | just say yes

Brooke/Lucas || Heartbeats

'we are turning into dust.. (brooke/lucas)

One Tree Hill Cast // Hear You Me!!!

One Tree Hill Couples || May I

One Tree Hill Cast | We All Fall Down

Brooke & Lucas - I'll do anything for you*

Lucas,Peyton&Nathan // The Freshman

Brooke&Lucas - "Say that you wanna be with me too"

Brooke&Lucas - Nothing Compares (TopVidder Contest)

Brooke & Lucas - Breathe*

One Tree Hill Cast | Feeling a Moment! [1000+ Subscribers!!!] [BOIT]

Brooke & Lucas - The One (PREVIEW)

Lucas&Peyton | Brooke&Lucas | Prodigal [Collab w/Cindy]

Brooke&Lucas - don't say yes, run away now (dedicated to Shai)

Lucas&Peyton || Beauty's Running Wild [For Gigi]

One Tree Hill Cast | Bigger Than Love

Brooke&Lucas || The Reason [For Cindy!]

Brooke&Lucas {Perfect} {For Cindy}

Brooke&Lucas {Center of Attention}

One Tree Hill Cast {Fallen}

One Tree Hill Cast {All I Need} {For Jessie}

Brooke & Lucas - And I wonder if I ever cross your mind* (Happy B'day Shai)

all i know (brooke/lucas)

Lucas & Brooke-Perfect Two

Brooke ♥ Lucas { Can We Pretend... }

i won't fall apart (lucas/brooke)

brooke&lucas | poison and wine

Brooke;Lucas // and after all your my wonderwall

Down (Brooke & Lucas)

Where I stood {Brooke/Lucas}

Brooke&Lucas | Futuristic Lover

Brooke&Lucas || Love the way you lie

PS. I Love You || Brooke & Lucas (OTH)

Lucas;Haley | We are not what you think we are

Lucas & Haley - Elsewhere ♥

[My wish for you] Lucas&Haley || BOV

Lucas+Peyton {Mine}

Lucas&Peyton• Listen to your heart

Brooke & Lucas - stay

Brooke & Lucas || Let Me Breathe

Brooke/Lucas•{"I never ment to hurt You"} UVC

Lucas & Peyton || Out of My Hands

Lucas&Peyton | Un-Break My Heart

I just want you to know who I am (leyton) | For Lea

Brooke & Lucas are Perfect

brooke&lucas-super fucking cute

Lucas & Peyton: Gravity

almost lover | lucas&peyton

bedshaped | brooke&lucas

fever | brooke&lucas

apart | brooke&lucas

Brooke and Lucas - I can't find you

brooke davis & lucas scott ♥ beside you