Sick, sick of sleeping on the floor
Another night, another score
I'm jaded
Bottles breaking

"alright, I am listening." He calmed down so she would talk ot him.
"fine, I am leaving for very slefish reason. you know why? because I am so sick and tired of feeling under appreciated and I am stressed out all the time, and everything is just frustrating. Of course I don't want to leave anyone here, I've been here so long anf I've gone through so much with everyone but I think it's better if I left. It's time for a change, you all are way too dependant on me so maybe if I leave you and eveyone else you all will cope and finally realize you don't need me. You'll do fine without me here and you will see that once I am gone. Sure it will take a couple of days maybe even weeks but everyone in this team including you are strong and have shown that strength several times before.Honestly I didn't know what to expect when I came to see you, I know I hoped, nevermind what i hoped it doesn't matter. You've said what you have to say and now I have too. so unless you have something you regret saying or would regret not saying before I leave then I am going to head home and rest before I have to get on that plane and leave." she finally got past Mac and headed toward the door but then she heard a faint but clear voice.
"I don't want you to leave because i love you." he whispered staring at the floor.
"mac?" she asked confused.
"you told me earlier to tell you what could possibly keep you here, well there it is. that's what I can tell you that i hope could keep you here. That I do appreciate you more than you could ever know, you have been there for me through everything, you call me out on my bullshit and you never back down even when i can be frustrating and hard headed, you've never let me down, and for that and plenty of other reaons I appreciate and love you."
"Mac, why are you making this so hard to choose? she sadly replied.
He finally looked up at her and moved close to her, "because if you leave then I am going to be broken again just like when claire left. the only difference is She didn't have a choice and you do. So you choose to walk out of my life that's your own choice and even though I would be in so much pain from seeing you leave i will face the fact that you were the one that decided what you wanted and needed to do.So yes I love you and I so badly want you to stay but if you don't feel the same way or you don't think that reason is good enough to keep you here then go and I will try my best not to go after you and to just let it go."
She hugged him tightly but he didn't hug her back he just stood there, she stopped hugging him and looked at him.
"what was that? you've got to be kidding you say all that and then I try to hug you because first off I am so glad you feel that way about me and second of trying to comfort you!" She was getting angry again.
damn, he thought. Girl's are a roller coaster of emotions!
She was about to storn out but before she even turned he placed his hand on her hip and that instantly froze her in place.
"Stella." he got her attention and she looked at him then down at the floor but he once again called her. "Stell, Look at me, please." he said sincerly. " I didn't respond to your hug because I don't want to be led on, I want a reply to what I just said because it took so much for me to admit my feeling to you and I have waited for so long to tell you those things and I have also waited so long to hear your reply. Another thing is I want to hear your decision, I have to know what you are going to do about all this that just happened."
It was quiet for a moment then suddenly Stella spoke softly.
" I love you too Mac, that's why I came here honestly. I wanted to see if you felt the same way as I felt but then I came here to all this and then of course you know we had this whole arguement you don't need a recap anf of course I am staying here! How could youexpect me to leave you after those things you just told me, do you really think that little of me?" she asked in disbelief.
then he suddenly hugged her like she had huged him before. He kissed the top of her head and then spoke into her ear.
"Of course I don't think little of you Stell but it was your choice, I didn't want to force you to stay by that confession. I wanted you to stay for your reasons of wanting to stay not mine." He glanced at the clock, It read 1:40.
He then spoke again, "we've been at this for almost an hour, how about you just spnd tonight here. No funny buisness or anything, I'll even sleep on the couch."
Stella looked at him like he was crazy. " No way! We are sleeping in the same bed! we are two gorwn adults who obviously love eachother so I think we can handle sharing a bed. Plus I am postive we will both sleep much better in eachother's company." Before he could even think about protesting,( even though he wasn't going to) she dragged him to the bed and layed beside him. Before he could even think about shutting his eyes to sleep, she kissed him then smiled sweetly and placed her head on his chest and dosed off soon after Mac was happily asleep too with Stella in his arms.