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Shattered (Phoebe/Cole)

brooke davis | fuckin' perfect

Silver & Dixon: California King Bed

Brooke & Lucas ~ "We were always just that close"

Price Tag - Jessie J Lyrics on screen

Hot Chelle Rae- Tonight Tonight

12 points from GREECE to Georgia ♥

Hey, Soul Sister by Train w/ Lyrics&Download

Chris Media - What are words

Leyton - Shattered

Lucas & Peyton - 5x06 "Shattered words" (epic contest)

Haley/Brooke/Peyton - My Only Wish

Nathan/Haley- Airplanes

Nathan & Haley When I Look At You

one tree hill - When I look at you

One tree hill-Round and Round

Shake up Christmas

The Killers-Boots

The Killers-Don't Shoot Me Santa

Taylor Swift-Back to December


Singing in the Rain / Umbrella - Glee Cast

Glee-One Love

OMG SOOO CUTE♥ Mini version of Glee charachters.

Broken ll Stefen&Elena

The Vampire Diaries - 02x08 -Stefan apologize to Damon

Damon tells Elena he loves her [2x08] Rose

30 Seconds to Mars-Closer to the Edge

Mark Salling-Illusions Video

Glee-Rocky Horror- Time Warp

OMFG JB movie !!

Shakira- Gypsy

John Lennon Imagine

Glee - I Want To Hold Your Hand (scene) [SO emotional !]


Glee- Me Aagainst the Music

Glee-Slave 4 U

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer 2 [HD]

Glee 2x03 'Grilled cheesus' promo (OMFG! Can't wait!)

Nick Pitera covering Glee Don't Stop Believing (OMG, it's like a must see! haha)

Nick Pitera singing 'A whole new world' (can you say 'epic' performance much?)

Glee boys -Billionare (scene)

Glee Britney/Brittany episode!! CAAAAAAAAAN't waaaait!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 trailer - Official

Happy Birthday Bren!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sugarland-Stuck Like Glue

Katy Pery-Teenage Dream <3

Justin Bieber- Down to Earth

Favorite Girl-JB

ANOTHER Bones promo!! (OMG @ HODGELA!!)


JB-That should me be Amazing Song ♥

GLEE Season 2 promo!!!! OMG CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

OMG this is sooo cute :)


Cat have you watched this??? OMFG *DIES* I SOOOOO LOOOVE Gaspard <3<3<3

Ana Johnnson-- We are (The most amazing song I've EVER heard)

Your Love is A Song by Switchfoot [[with lyrics]] ♥

Anna----This is Invader Zim...more importantly THIS IS GIR!


CSI:NY Danny/Lindsay - Say my name (mixx)

Danny and Lindsay CSI NY Waiting All My Life

Danny & Lindsay - Everytime we touch

Danny and Lindsay CSI NY--My Life Would Suck Without You--Edited Version

Danny and Lindsay CSI NY-- Halo (Request)

TVD Season 1 Bloopers.

The vampire Diaries Bloopers teaser season1

"Shine Together" - Serena/Blair

Never Gonna Be Alone (Serena/Blair)

I Got You - Blair/Serena [Gossip Girl]

Blake Lively & Leighton Meester - Party In The USA

Blair & Serena || Keep Holding On

i'd come for you (blair/serena)

Blair & Serena || Battlefield

Blair & Serena // Look After You

Barney/Robin - Everything

Barney & Robin - You & Me

Barney & Robin - My Life Would Suck Without You!

Pink- Please Don't Leave Me

Shake it - One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill - Full Cast - ["Umbrella" - Rihanna (feat. Jay-Z)]

Nathan/Peyton - Not Over

Top 10 nathan and peyton moments

Nathan/Peyton - Best i ever had

Nathan & Peyton - Innocent

Nathan and Peyton - I'll make every second count

Nathan / Peyton - Halo

LUCAS & PEYTON// only human.

James Lafferty&Hilarie Burton - Meteor Shower

Brooke and Peyton - Umbrella

Breyton: Best I Ever Had

All We Are | One Tree Hill

{Devon/Ellie} Hey, Soul Sister

Smallville: Chloe/Oliver {This Night}

Glee Cast - I'll Stand By You {for my girls}

The Rembrandts-I'll Be There For You

Happy - Natasha Bedingfield ♥!

A.N.G.E.L.- Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten

Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved