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coolsinger198 said …
Guys, just so you know for Fanpop's favorite marvel super heroines of 2015, you are not limited to the 17 posted on the question board, you can pick others, those are just suggestions. just make sure you are being specific to their names as you know certain characters goes under many aliases, ex spider-woman ( there are 3 spider womans, ex-jessica drew) Posted 1 hour ago
coolsinger198 said …
Guys, check on marvel comic answers to vote for Fanpops Favorite Marvel Superheroines 2015! Have fun! The forum for the males will be up tomorrow!! Posted 2 hours ago
kayb517 commented…
k 2 hours ago
wolverineZ said …
doe snayone know why the pics of the vids we post isnt coming up Posted 7 days ago
Britt601 commented…
Something with youtube upgrading their whole database, so anyone operating on old systems will get that 'device-support' thing on the video. I believe it will be fixed once fanpop upgrades what it needs to too. 1 day ago