Place:New mobotroplis gates
Time:between morning and noon

Matt landed near the gateway of new mobotroplis,sonic dashed by and tripped over the pod and skidded face first across the grass.he picked up the pod,unknowing what it was,he took it to tak hoping he may know.since sonic or tak never seen the MTL's pod,they had a hard time identifying it.

They tried opening it,but it was imposible to open,it was made of an indestructible alloy.tak got furios and blasted it chronos energy but even it bounce was intangable to time...but then sonic noticed the "OPEN" button.they both looked annoyed at eachother and pressed.

The pod poped open and shot a ray of light out side the door.sonic and tak chased after levitated in the middle of the city,nicold appeared and reconized the familiar power.the light seperated to reveal a watch...then the watch fell to the ground.but it was frozen in subspace.nicole,tak,and sonic where silent and suprised.

find out what happens next chp.