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Article by rosangie posted over a year ago
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"It was more about... without you i couldn't become the person I'm now. And I think that throughout the season no matter what has happened.. good or bad.. it made these people who they're i think that's the way it is with life. That choices that we make in our lives and the people that we know help us, in one way or another, be the people we're. And that moment he was thanking her for helping open his eyes to a complete different world. She's a sane voice, some sort of reasoning. The person that he trust the most is Liz who knows him better, I think, than anybody" - Jason Behr (about the last scene from A Roswell Christmas Carol)

"The Max-Liz connection works so well, as is so popular with "Roswell"'s fans, because, in Moore's opinion, "It's very romantic in the classic sense of the word. Max is a young man from another planet, with secrets. He saved her life in the first episode, and they became soulmates across time and space. It's a classic set-up. Beyond that, the appeal of their relationship has a great deal to do with the chemistry between Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr." - [i]Ron Moore, co-executive producer & writer Ron Moore talks Roswell in...