Melody was plopped out of the water and fell on her back. Melody thought, how did I fall into Morgana's trap? Still gasping for breath Melody sits and feels her feet and legs which felt so new to her. There was a scream from on top of the ice fortress. Morgana screamed all shall bow down to me the queen of the sea. Devulia,Gilda , and Brenda laugh making the people cringe. Morgana shoots down and makes dash, and dig bow, she makes Ariel bow, and king tridonts soldiers bow. Melody knew this only worked on sea animals and merpeople. Melody stood up and looked intently at her feet. She thought I have to get the trident and set things right. Melody began to sprint to the rising giant ice crystals. Melody is barley hanging on she swings her feet and stands on the moving ice. Melody thought my feet are freezing, but I still have to keep going. Now Melody took a large leap and is holding on to the ice spear with her arms and legs as tight as possible. She finally leaped on the last crystal that led to the top. Now the hard climbing starts. Melody slips and her cold moist feet are dangling, she looks down and gulps. Melody swung her legs to were the tentacles of the witches were hanging. Melody took a deep breath crawled and twisted through the tentacles of the witches. Melody thought here is my chance!

While Morgana made king tridont bow, Gilda yelled we are the queens of the sea and all of the witches laughed. Not noticing Melody crept by the tentacles and climbed. Melody jumped through the tentacles holding the trident. Devulia said give it back sweet heart! Morgana goes for the left ankle and Devulia had tangled the right ankle. Morgana and Devulia tightened there grip on Melody's ankles. Morgana let out a loud and evil laugh. While Devulia was taunting Melody by using the tip of her tentacle to tickle her foot. Melody let out a yelp and squirmed. All the witches laughed in a evil harmony. Then Brenda said hey sweet heart how do you like my tentacle in between your toes. Brenda laughed and started to use the tip of her tentacle and tickled the other foot. Melody yelped even louder, all the witches laughed. Both Morgana and Devulia lifted her higher off the ground, Gilda the other witch said let's steal her energy and youth. All the witches shook their head yes. Gilda covered Melody's mouth and used the other one to go to Melody's waist and down her pants, Morgana used her other tentacle to go up Melody's left plant leg, and Devulia maneuvered her tentacle up her right pant leg. Melody felt they coiling of the tentacles and the saw purple slime stain her leg and ankles. Brenda said you are ours my dear. Melody's precious body went through a drastic change she aged and was slowed down a bit. The great discomfort made Melody squirm and scream, she couldn't be heard because her mouth was squeezed shut. The suction cups were pulling on her skin which made her yet again moan and squirm. The witches laughed to there evil hearts content. With every movement Melody makes her energy and youth be drained. Now Gilda was pulling on Melody's pony tail, and Morgana and Devulia were stretching Melody's legs and feet, while Brenda was stretching Melody's arms. Melody kept squirming while all the witches tightened their grip. Morgana took the trident back. Morgana loosened her grip and went up to Melody's ear and whispered in a discouraging and creepy voice. I used you and lured you in like I planned when you were just a baby while rubbing the trident in Melody's neck.This made Melody mad, but Melody figured out if she moved her youth and energy would be stolen. Devulia laughed and screamed squirm my dear so she tickled her foot and went deeper up her pant leg, the rest followed. Now the cold and moist tentacles were meeting right under were the crease of Melody's  pants meet under the waist.Melody couldnt stop the squirming because of the suction cups and the discomfort level. The witches let out a laugh. Devulia said your cold feet are so precious I can't stop. Brenda said you are right her feet are perfect for this occasion. Brenda took her hand and touched Melody's foot, she had a large grin and burst out laughing, Melody squirmed when Brenda did that. Melody getting blue from the cold and tired from the tentacles maneuvering around her body and the sharp pains from the suction cups. Melody thought to herself, this is the end. Suddenly scuttle flew in making Gilda, Brenda and Devulia loose their balance and falling to there death. Melody received the stolen energy and youth. Morgana knocked out scuttle with one slap. Melody found this time to escape so she grabbed the trident then slipped on the ice on her back, back in front of Morgana. Morgana moved forward with her tentacles up and ready. Melody said stay back you evil witch. Morgana let out a big laugh then turned to Melody and said wrong end SWEET HEART! Morgana quickly had hold of Melody's left foot once again and gave out a large and evil smile. Melody had a confused and scared look on her face. Melody moaned and Morgana laughed. She lifted Melody by her left foot squeezing tighter and tighter. Melody went to escape then Morgana tangled Melody's right foot and lifted her. Morgana takes the trident and starts to tickle Melody's feet out of enjoyment and pulling on Melody's skin with her suction cups. Melody spread her toes and legs to avoid the tickle and the harsh pull from Morgana.Melody through out a kick, and Morgana dropped her feet and the trident. Melody quickly slides to the trident and picks it up. Melody says grandpa I think this belongs to you. Morgana quickly tangles Melody's feet, legs, waist, arms, and neck. Morgana said you can't hurt me now king tridont. Not noticing prince Eric comes from behind stabs morgana, takes Melody and jumps. King tridont froze Morgana and she fell to her death.

Melody wakes up from what seemed like a nightmare. She gave her mother and father a large hug. Melody sat in front of Ariel touching and sitting on her ice cold feet. Melody goes and hugs her grandpa and gives him a large smile. And now Melody thought two things: I have my energy and youth now and now the land and the sea are now connected once again in harmony.