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Opinion by Nikita654 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
First day at melrose place...lauren is saying her goodbyes to her dad
lauren:so this is it huh!
Father:jeah cupcakes..but dont look nervous you'll be fine
lauren:i hope so, i'll miss you daddy
father:will miss you more sweetheart*they share a hug and he kisses his daughter in the forethead*bye bye cupcakes!
Lauren:bye daddy*her dad left*
while standing outside about to turn around and enter the gates..she spots a black sexy sports car and it stops right next to her, a blond sexy hot guy exits the car *damn this is one helluve hot guy, she thinks* but is quickly interrupted in her thoughts when the guy approches her and politley reaches out for a hand to greet her
david: david...
Lauren:lauren...lauren young...am the new tenant here at melrose*she also reaches out, being the gentlemen that david is he puts a gentle kiss on the hand*
david:well sdney did mention that we're going to be joined by a new member this year, but didnt mention its going to be a beautiful petite brunett....i like *he smirked and lauren blushed a little but quickly regained herself*