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Article by schumacherfan posted over a year ago
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Michael is a happy mood.
I have the greatest admiration for Michael but it seems his return in 2010 has been a heart breaking expirence for him and getting harder to claim his 8th World Title, it isn't because he is old or he can't give great performances in his new team cars, it is the car package it seems Mercedes-Benz is not got a strong package on the car has Michael had a sensational ferrari car set up, will has his contract expires new year in 2012 lets hope that season has a great success for him. and if he do not get any luck and then retires for the second time for good i do not blame him.
Article by schumigirl1956 posted over a year ago
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Michael Schumacher
So people know Michael Schumacher has a formula 1 icon yes i agree he is a sensational icon, but to me he is a great friend has he has helped me sell my first book, i wrote this in 2001 and got it published January 2007. i have always been interested in foriegn icons and this particular day in August 1991 when i was busy doing dusting while my husband was shopping and my son went to visit his friend i decided to rest and put the telly on and what i saw was amazing but i have never ever seen a Formula 1 race and let alone heard of Michael Schumacher,my husband and i couldnt afford going to all of his grand prixs. so i set the VHS video to record it, so i could look back at it and decide to keep it or bin it. i was eagerly listening to the commentators talking about Michael and i wanted so badly to see his face, well i can tell you it was like a magnet drawing me closer and closer towards him, i throught umm i like him since that day i quickly got hooked as they say over him, i started to do reports on him, collecting photos on him, it was like a obsession drug, since then i have now estimated i must have over 4,0000 photos and items related to him which includes posters, magazines,...