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posted by ClaireSalvatore

Rumor Mill

"I heard that Morganville is being made into a movie. Is this true?" - Ashley

Yes and no. It's been optioned, which means that a producer is working hard to try to get a film and/or TV show off the ground. However, this is always a long and difficult process, so please, be patient. When I have news to share, I promise that I'll let you all know!

"I heard that you were killing off Shane in the next book." -- Courtney

Nope. That one's definitely not true.

"I heard that Claire was going to become a vampire!" -- Nicole

I'm not ruling out any of the Glass House gang (other than Michael, obviously) ending up on the other side of the fangs, at some point. But ... in truth, I haven't yet decided who it will be, or if it will happen at all.

"I heard that Oliver is actually based on Oliver Cromwell." -- A.J.

Yes. A.J. is correct. You can look up Cromwell's birth and death dates, and they do match what Oliver's were in FADE OUT. Also, there's a clue in his discussions with Myrnin, when Myrnin refers to "Drogheda."

Got rumors? Email them in! I'll confirm or deny, if I can!

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for the Morganville series. It's a delight to be a part of this with you!

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CALLING ALL MV FANS ! :D Heres my cast list. Btw, WE SOMEHOW HAVE TO BEG FOR MV TO BE A MOVIE/TV SHOW. (preferably TV show)
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