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News by gilinda posted over a year ago
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MRUNO CHAMBERS HAS BEEN IN SOME PRETTY COOL SHOWS AND NOW HE IS 22 HE IS STILL AN ACTOR AND ONE OF MY FAVAROIT SHOWS HE'S BEEN IN is THE LATEST BUZZ I LOVE IT !!!!!! his charactor is wilder he's athletec and relly nice he has a crush on a girl called Amanda peirce (venessa morgon) and wilder has friends called rebbeca,noah,DJ well DJ is his boss and he's friends with his teacher mr.sheperd and he calls him mr.s and he has a friend called MICHEL AND HE'S ALMOST THE SAME HIEGHT PLEASE CHECK IT OUTTHE LATEST BUZZ HE REALLY ACTS LIKE A 16 YEAR OLD I AM A TRUE FAN OF HIS WORK
Opinion by Anna-Wee posted over a year ago
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i think his character is going to be really interesting in degrassi bec he is the total oppisite of claire last boyfriend k.c. (who dumped her for jenna which was mean) and they seem like a cute couple and oppisites attract. right?
maybe he just looks kinda scary and punk but i think he'll be like such a sweet heart.
i mean he did compliment clair with her preety eyes.
Eli Goldsworthy: "You have really pretty eyes."

Claire: "Thank you."

although i must admit i am really curious to know why he was driving like a funeral home coffin carrier thing to school. are his parents like funeral home owners? if so thats kinds creepy.

Eli: "i think they're dead (referring to claire's glasses which he ran over)."

Claire: " It..It doesn't matter i got ummm laser surgery." (which she said nervously and girly which is like never her)

well as he only has come out in one episode so far and that it is Sunday 12:30 in the morning i just have to wait a little more than over 24 hours to find out his mysterious past and potential relationship with claire from the gifted...