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The official music video of Spencer’s Own performing their new single, “Livin’ in the moment.”
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The official music video of Olivia Lane’s new single, “Make My Own Sunshine.”
The official video for HighDiamond's single "Fabulous"
Music video for All Night Long ft. Steve Harwell performed by Stephen Wesley.
Get "Holding All the Roses" now: (Europe) CD, vinyl - link (Europe) iTunes - link (USA) - link
Music video for Arcade Fire’s song “Joan of Arc” (from their new album Reflektor), using footage from classic silent films—particularly “The Passion of Joan of Arc” (directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer).

Please get up and move it body to the music.
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Robot Parade gone bad! Here's the official video for the title track from They Might Be Giants' new album. Directed by Liam Lynch (one of the minds behind The Sifl and Olly Show ).