20. Home (The Wiz). The first song on this list is for sentimental reasons. This was the last song I ever sang in a chorus. And it always brings back memories from my childhood about growing up and finding home. I love the lyrics, the song is pretty, and....I just love it all!!!

19.My Friends (Sweeny Todd). Oh god, this song gives me chills! I never saw the play, but after hearing this on the CD I couldn't stop listening to it! I even tried singing it...as a joke, I started singing to my kitchen knives to my mom, but she didn't get the reference. Then she went berserk...whoops, >_>. Anyway, it's an awesome song. And the lyrics are soooo creepy!

18.Fame (Fame).I love this song. It's like the essence of showbiz. I really like the harmony's. It just get's me so excited and ambitious at the same time...and it's so fun! Just a great song!

17. Your Daddy's Son (Ragtime). This song is just so beautiful. It's so sad and mournful, and the voice gives me chills. When I saw it in the play, in context, it was even sadder. I've got to admit, I'm a sucker for the sad songs, especially intense and dramatic ones!

16.There are worse things I could do (Grease). Love this song. Mostly for sentimental reasons, but it's a good song as well. I remember belting this song out when I was Sevon years old, having absolutly no idea what the song was about. Still, the song is amazing and I still love it. :) It's interesting to see Rizzie finally showing some emotion and insight into her mind.

15.Happily ever after (Once upon a Matress). I love the girls voice this song. And the pizazz is so...broadway, I guess. This song is also easy to relate with. I'm sure every person wonders what ever happened to "Happily ever after" and where did Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty..find such a thing? Just a great song. :)

14. You Know Better Than I (Joseph and the Coat of many Dreams). I still have no idea what these lyrics mean 100%. And I know this isn't a widely known musical. But this song is so beautiful. Yet again, it's pretty sad. I don't know why I love it so much, but ever since I was little I would always look forward to this song during the movie. Maybe it's because it's Joseph's turning point. Maybe because It's the saddest song in the movie. But no matter what, there is no denying that this song is amazing.

13. I Am The One (Reprise) (Next to Normal). Oh, how I listened to this song ad nauseum when I first got the soundtrack. In my opinion it's the saddest song in the musical. And this is from a musical about a depressed family. Anyway, the harmony between Dan and Gabe are eerie and beautiful. Plus, it's the closest thing to a climax as this musical has. And how can you not feel bad for Dan?

12. Endless Night (The Lion King). I might as well just get it out there, all the songs I like are depressing to some point. And this is no exception. Now, I LOVE The Lion King. And the scene where Mufasa dies will always be stuck in my memory forever. This is a song that really dwells on Simba's feeling of loss at his father's death. The lyrics are so sad and the guy who sings it..you can practicaly feel the pain in his voice. R.I.P Jason Raize.

11. Come What May (Moulin Rouge). Yay! Not sad! Such a wonderful song though. The best love song ever, in my opinion. It's just so....wonderful. Something about it is just so sigh-worthy. It's as though it's describing a love beyond love. Soulmates, maybe? True love? I dunno. But it's the song that defines every happily ever after.Oh, and I love Ewan McGreggar and Nicole Kidman's voices.

10. Confrontation (Jekyll & Hyde). I've never heard the whole soundtrack of this show. But if this song is anything to go by, I really need to get on that. The only word I can think of to describe this song is EPIC. The way the main character changes from Jekyll to Hyde in a second is truly amazing and he's able to switch on two characters going through two entirely different conflicts. Plus, theres an epic choir and amazing orchestral music added with an amazing lead singer. If only the book could have been that good...

9. Past the Point of No Return (The Phantom of the Opera). This whole soundtrack is amazing, I have no idea how I could pick a specific song. But here it is! Unlike "Come What May" this song describes the oppisite of love...lust. It's very eerie and chilling sounding, not to mention the operetic singing is always amazing. Plus, you can practically FEEL the tension in the air during this scene, since it's right before the climax. This is where Christine must choose. There's no going back after this choice. No pressure! :) Plus, The Phantom is HOT. That doesn't really describe the song, but still...it's a bonus. :)

8. Goodbye Until Tomorrow (The Last Five Years).This song is so...sad. Probably one of the saddest break-up songs. The way it turns from Kathy, who sounds so upbeat and hopeful, looking towards a future of perfect happiness...to Jamie, who sounds hurt and broken, looking back on a past of fighting and hurting...it's so darn depressing! Plus, it's one of the two times in the entire show that Jamie and Kathy sing together. Last time they were singing together they were getting married. And we've already heard earlier in the soundtrack how sad Kathy becomes later on so it's nice to see her happy for once. And we heard earlier how happy Jamie was so it's sad to hear him so defeated. Plus, the background music is so eerie and depressing, how can this not touch you?

7. One Day More (Les Miserables). God, I can not describe how hard it was to pick a song from this musical, they're all so amazing! Every character has their own great song, so I decided to pick a song that blended all of their amazing talents together. A song where every character sang about the height of their personal conflicts. And how it all comes together in the line, "Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in heaven has in store" as they all look up towards the same God, so beautiful.. Plus, the amazing choir in the background helps a lot. And how their voices harmonize so greatly! Just such a great song, I love this show!

6. Belle (Notre Dame De Paris). Nothing can beat the French. The way their words blend together like butter, it's so pretty to listen to. Yeah, this is probably more of an opera then a musical, but if "Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat" can count as a musical, so can this. Anyway, this song is soooooo nice to listen to. Like "One More Day" it's the height of Quasimodo, Pheobus, and Frollo's desire's, and their voices harmonize quite well. Even if I don't know what it means without subtitles, it's so nice to liten to that I don't care. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

5. The Ballad of Booth (Assassins). Okay, this one is bias. I love Neil Patrick Harris and Micheal Cerveris is an amazing actor as well. This show is one of my favorites and add together the narrative lyrics (and educational!), dramatic death scene, and great singing/great mellody...how can that NOT win? It's so interesting to try looking at things from John Wilkes Booth's perspective and the drama of his death is so epic. I just love it so freakin' much!! Though it is a bit on the long side...

4. Slipping (Dr. Horrible). Yet again, biased. Ijust love Neil Patrick Harris so much! And Dr.Horrible! And evil villain songs! It's a win for me! This song gave me such chills when I first heard it, I was actually afraid of Dr.Horrible for a few moments. He just looked so insane and beyond saving. And you can hear all the emotion so clearly in NPH's voice, it never get's old.

3. Act 1 Finale (Urinetown).So amazing. I love the argument between Bobby and Cladwell, I love the desperation during the entire song, I love the background music...I love it all! Really, it's hard to explain what makes this song so great...but it is. It's so great that I could probably listen to it every day for a year and still not tire of it. No joke. It's just that good.
( I Couldn't find the original :( )

2. If I can't love her (Beauty and the Beast). Like "Endless Night", this song is digging deeper into the parts of disney classics that already penetrated our emotions without adding music in. This song really dives into the emotions of The Beast, and it's impossible not to feel sorry for him. The first time I heard this song it just made me so...sad. It was so beautiful. I wanted to run on stage and give the beast a hug! Anyway, this song just rocks. And obviously, it's sad.

1. Don't Cry for Me Argentina (Evita). This song is so great. It's more for sentimental reasons then anything, but this song is amazing. The first time I heard it I didn't even know what it was about, but now that I do it's even better. I used to think it was a person singing to someone who was dying. But now I know it's more of a personal growth song then a love song. But anyway, this song is beautiful. It is amazing. Though I can't explain why, it will always remain in my heart forever.