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Review by data112233 posted over a year ago
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Opinion by _PRETTYQUEEN1E posted over a year ago
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Ever since I was 7 I fell inlove with nails and nail polish. For years I have practiced designs and cool new trends. I then made anything that came to mind.
Every two days for school I wear a different style of nail polish. Or nails.
Do you want to know the most shiny, pretty, and hot polishes? Tootle Essie nail polish. Essie lasts for 3 weeks!

Here's a cool challenge. Grab every Colorado of your nail polish. Not the ones you hate.
Each PART of each nail you put a different Color. Try and add a TAD bit of glitter on a couple nails.

Another challenge.

Chose a main Colorado: blue, white, pink, purple. Etc (Essie) and chose another color (light) and then another (light) and your last color. Put on your main color. When everything dries, take one nail and on the left tip- put one line. And next to that, put a medium line, and then a smaller line

Now take your other color, do the same, but over the other 3 lines (but smaller, you want to see the first color)