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Opinion by ginger805 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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this is the cast of "kickin' it"
Olivia Holt was born in Tennessee on August 5, 1997 ( 13 years old )she loves to make people laugh! Olivia is very talented she's an actress, a singer, a gymnastics, and a former cheerleader.

Yu've might have seen her on Disnet XD's new hit series "kickin' it,". Kim ( her character on "kickin' it" ) secretly has a crush on Leo Howard's chara ter: Jake.

Olivia Attended an acting convention in 2008 where she received first place awards for best actress, best scene, and print model of the year. she signed with Abrams Artist Agency and Ford Models.she Has been a competitive gymnast for 5 years,Was on her school's chess team,Began singing and acting at the age of 3.morgan Toll, an actress and writer studying at Columbia College Hollywood film school.