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? I Wonder?  Angel4Alwyas 4 1461 over a year ago
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Role play?  emilana 4 1431 over a year ago
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Make an OHSHC icon! Round 1: Favorite character  smileyAqua 0 1584 over a year ago
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Ouran Fanfics.  MentalProdigy 0 878 over a year ago
OHSHC Role Play game.  Lineth 12 4350 over a year ago
this is an update :D  animephilia 0 1136 over a year ago
Ouran Roleplay Madness!!! (Characters)  DuncansMyLuv14 2 2664 over a year ago
Second season?  kana_89 9 2029 over a year ago
I might slip on a banana about this idea but anyway....  SuzutheNeko14 2 1408 over a year ago
Fan made seadon 2 part 1  babybry97 0 1121 over a year ago
Ranking Club Members!  Sharingan226 22 1986 over a year ago
Favorite Character  Marle___ 33 2949 over a year ago
Ouran high school host club  daniela2mimi 14 2714 over a year ago
30 Things (Warning: Twincest!)  uzumakichan 17 11322 over a year ago
Ohshc Sim translation game patition  Kai1Seto 0 1148 over a year ago
The Twins!!!  DebGulledge 20 1320 over a year ago
Ouran High School Host Club RP  YugiohFanatic1 358 10238 over a year ago
Wow...  0o0o_megan_o0o0 1 981 over a year ago
The Ouran Alphabet  uzumakichan 5 1549 over a year ago
which photo do you like more as a Tama-chan fangirl?  LollipopOuran 1 2106 over a year ago
Ouran High School Host Club RP Character Set-up  YugiohFanatic1 10 1983 over a year ago
Embarrassing situations  Magicuser 0 681 over a year ago
What do you think most of the host club members think of Haruhi as?  sakura1444 0 442 over a year ago
host club is the cutest club ever!!!!!!  mira19girlz 2 540 over a year ago
host club is the cutest club ever!!!!!!  mira19girlz 0 457 over a year ago
twin trouble  lori521 8 1409 over a year ago
Ouran Poems  ouranhostess 5 3220 over a year ago
Please Help Me 1/2  Cerise_Dragon 0 458 over a year ago
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Do you agree with Renge, are the Host members too perfect and need a little work?  shortynme 18 896 over a year ago
cheapest wow gold  belrion 0 632 over a year ago
A OHSHC fan.  shortynme 18 817 over a year ago
22 Fans.  ToastedRabbits 88 3029 over a year ago
Latest Manga Chapter! *Don't click if you haven't read it!*  xEvilPandax 3 747 over a year ago
Watching The Host Club  musicandmango 2 663 over a year ago
Video Problems  0o0o_megan_o0o0 3 1124 over a year ago