Hi :) So I figured not all of you may have seen Rick Riordan's tour. Someone took a video of it and put it on Youtube link
Rick Riordan reads part of Percy Jackson and The Singer of Apollo from an anthology called "Guys Read"

I tried my best with the easy ones but it didn't work out pretty well. Here's some lines (There's way more in the video)

I know what you're gonna think, what you're gonna ask. Percy Jackson, why are you hanging from the Time Square billboard without your pants on about to fall to your death? You can blame Apollo. God of Music, Archery, and Poetry. Also, the god of making me do stupid quests. This particular disaster started when I brought my friend Grover some aluminum cans for his birthday. Perhaps I should mention, I'm a Demigod. My dad Poseidon is the lord of sea, Which sound's cool I guess, But mostly it means my life is filled with monster attacks and annoying Greek gods that attend to pop up on the subway or in the middle of (?) or when I'm taking a shower - long story, don't ask - I figured maybe I'd get the day off from the craziness for Grover's birthday but of course I was wrong. Grover's girlfriend, Juniper, was spending the day in (?) in Brooklyn doing nature-y stuff like dancing with tree nymphs and serenading the squirrels. Grover's a satyr, that's his idea of fun. anyway we hung out for a little while talking and enjoying the nice weather. Grover was happily munching on his aluminum cans while the nymphs started discussing what party games we should play.

Again, It's all Rick Riordan's doing, I didn't write it.