1.instead if highfiving you Brofist

2.instead of calling people curse words you call them Barrels(or you call people you don't like Barrels a lot)

3.you drive everyone insane with Pewdiepie quotes

4.you've watched all or almost all of his videos and go to youtube waiting for more

5.you have a Stephano

6.you ask people if they wanna join the Broarmy

7.you swear a lot(mostly using phrases that Pewdie uses)

8.you can't even imagine what would happen to you if Pewdiepie stopped making videos

9.you get REALLY mad when people insult him(like, so mad you threaten to crack their skull open if they say it again)

10.you really want to meet him in real life

11.you would take a bullet for him

12.you plan on mentioning him on your death bed

13.you often consider how screwed we would be if Pewdiepie invented us

14.you've considered moving to Italy to meet him

15.instead of saying "quadruple" you say "quadrunipple"

16.you have a ball named Bengt

17.whenever you see a dead pig(cooked or just plain dead) you act like you've just found Piggeh

18.you nickname every vehicle you use "Vespa"

19.you would kill to save his(Pewdie's) life

20.whenever you see a barrel you scream "BARREL!" and start beating the crap out of it

21.you've created songs about how awesome Pewdiepie is

22.you rarely watch anything other than Pewdiepie

23.you could watch all of his videos over 10,000,000,000 times and still think they're funny

24.you wish Pewdiepie was the ruler of the world

25.if Pewdiepie told you to, you would kill somebody, whether he paid you or not

26.you've played many games because of Pewdiepie

27.you often argue with people because they're not Bro's