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Princess Diana meets Charlie Sheen .

At the "Hot Shots" premiere, Charles & Diana met the film's stars Lloyd Bridges and Charlie Sheen at Leicester Square. London, November 26, 1991

Princess Diana at 'Gandhi' premiere .

The Premiere of the film 'Gandhi' in London. 2.12.82

Live & Let Princess Di: MI6 Agent Secrets .

Prince Charles on Diana's Death .

In the 24 hours since he learned that his former wife Diana had been killed, he had wept a lot, especially when he went to the Pitie Salpetriere hospital in eastern Paris to collect her body

Princess Diana Death: SAS were in the Alma Tunnel .

Princess Diana at London Lighthouse AIDS Clinic .

Diana gives a speech at the London Lighthouse for the Launch Of The 'capital Appeal'. October 8, 1996.

Princess Diana with Hillary Clinton .

Princess Diana joined Hillary Clinton in Washington DC on Tuesday September 24, 1996

.Royal Wedding Day Marriage Ceremony for Prince Charles & Lady Diana, 1981. .

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.Princess Diana: Behind the Panorama Interview (BBC) .

Bryan Adams - Diana

Bryan Adams Song about Princes "Diana"
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