Nina's P.O.V: I go to school everyday get straight A's , I have a few friends because I'm not the most popular girl in the school and I'm very nice to people. But this boy in my school always bullies me for no damn reason. His name is Jacob Perez and all the girls in my school go crazy for him. But I don't know why he's nothing but a big ass bully!

S.S teacher: Class you will be doing a research paper with a partner this marking period about how America was discovered

Class: *Cheers*

S.S teacher: Let me finish I will choose your partners

Class: Awwwwwww..........

S.S Teacher: Alright......Rayon your with Aubrey

Ray: Alright! *Winks at aubrey*

S.S teacher: Chresanto your with Angel

Roc: *Smiles* Heyyyyyy..........Angel

S.s teacher: Craig your with Alexis

Prod: *Smirks* We gonna do our project alright

Prince: Alright......Damn! Who am I with mrs.lady?

S.S teacher: You know it's Mrs.Johnson and your partner is one of my best

Prince: *Smirks* Who? Is it Stacy?

Mrs.Johnson: No.....*Walks over to Nina* Your gonna be nina's partner

Prince: You gotta be fucking kidding me she hardly has NO friends

Class: *Laughs*

Prince: She dosen't even come out her house!! How we gonna do our project TOGETHER?!?!?

Mrs.Johnson: Guess what? I don't care

Prince: *Looks at Nina* Just look at her

Nina: Shut up Jacob! You know what I'm not to thrilled to be YOUR partner so just stop being a bitch and suck it up!

Prince: You know what Nina! *Starts laughing*

Nina: *Runs out the classroom crying*

Jacob: Can I go check on her?

Mrs.johnson: Of course you can Mr.Latimore

Jacob: Alright! * Walks out of the classroom*

Nina's P.O.V: I ran out the classroom because Prince (as the other call him) really hurt me. I don't think he knows what his words can do to a person. As I was in the hallway cryng my eyes out I heard a voice behind me.

Jacob: Nina..............?

Nina: *Turns around * What Jacob?

Jacob: Are you okay??? * Stands next tp Nina*

Nina: No.......Prince really hurt me

Jacob: I know but he can be an complete asshole sometimes

Nina: Your telling me

Jacob: *Gives her a tissue* A beaitiful girl like you shouldn't worry about things like him

Nina: Did you just call me beautiful Jacob?