sorry guys my youtube is not really working but ima try to get a video in buttt yeaaa bak to the story

my pov
soo we go out on stage nd i see md ahhhhh -_- not i hear the song start to play nd i just breath nd start to sing(the song is B5 say yes) we nd angle start dancing to the song I look over nd see roc r wat ever his name ia looking at me hard like......nigga plz I ain't these lil fast hoes that u fuck nd leave

Rocs pov
Damnnnnnnnnn that girl lana is sexy as hell man I want to hit that but she look like she wont do it shit playing the nice card now nd I see princeton ugly ass looking at her like naww she mine y'all see

Prince pov
Omg she sooo beautful I would make her my wfie vuy roc got that I want to hit it nd quit it look this why that nigga never have gf but fuck him she is going to be MINE

Prod pov
Damn angle looking good she a rapper 2 I really want her to be mine but I'm scared to talk to her wat if she don't like me......I GOT It ill wave at her ns be flirty with her so she can know I like her

Angles pov
OMFGGGGGGG prodigy SEXY ass just waved at me goddd keep calm keep calm so u don't scare him off but awww I see princeton looking at lana nd I see roc....idk bout him says he is a player but nigga ain't playing MY Babydaddy lol my nickname for lana r buttercup lol

Se wat happens next