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The fans pick: Never heard of him
Never heard of him
The fans pick: Never heard of him
Never heard of him
The fans pick: Big bookstores. I love the huge selection and comfy chairs.
Big bookstores. I love the...
The library. I like to grab a...
The fans pick: A magical fairytale takes me to fun, faraway lands.
A magical fairytale takes me...
Science fiction gets my...
The fans pick: Before I go to sleep.
Before I go to sleep.
Any downtime between my...
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hanhclubbl02 said …
Hi all, i'm new member. Add Fan me ^^ Posted 1 month ago
Purple-Enderman said …
Currently reading Maze Runner, Sunwing and warriors: Sunset. Posted 3 months ago
LorMel said …
If you guys are looking for an amazing book, full of supspence and one thats placed back in 1950, I highly suggest you read, "Out of the Easy" written by Ruta Sepetys. Heres a little backstory.
Jo is a 17-18 year old girl in New Orleans, with one dream. To leave New Orleans so she can attend college at Smith.
Her mother is a prostitue, which leaves Jo uncomfortable at times...
If u wanna know more, you gotta read it.
Bye everyone! Posted 5 months ago
spedos22 commented…
Pretty good book, but, you should also search up Sin City by Frank Miller 5 months ago
LorMel commented…
I'll try 5 months ago