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LorMel said …
If you guys are looking for an amazing book, full of supspence and one thats placed back in 1950, I highly suggest you read, "Out of the Easy" written by Ruta Sepetys. Heres a little backstory.
Jo is a 17-18 year old girl in New Orleans, with one dream. To leave New Orleans so she can attend college at Smith.
Her mother is a prostitue, which leaves Jo uncomfortable at times...
If u wanna know more, you gotta read it.
Bye everyone! Posted 12 days ago
spedos22 commented…
Pretty good book, but, you should also search up Sin City by Frank Miller 11 days ago
LorMel commented…
I'll try 11 days ago
elle_blaq said …
woaa...everyone so love reading. i loved to read back when i was in school. but now i'm kinda lazy to do it 'cause i don't know what book to read, especially the latest ones. anyone have good references? i'll be glad to pick some ^_^ Posted 2 months ago
iva098 said …
Since I was little I always loved characters who are different,smarter than everyone else and love to read books.At first my favourite was Belle from Beauty & The Beast,than it was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter,than Matilda Wormwood from Matilda,than Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden,then Sara Crewe from A Little Princess.At the momment I love them all! They are all just great rolemodels for girls! I loved them in books & movies,exept for Sara who I only liked in book but who is my fave. Posted 5 months ago
GabsSaw commented…
Hermione Granger RULES!!!!!!:):):) 2 months ago
GabsSaw commented…
And Belle too!:) 2 months ago