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RPG Heroes Are Jerks

Think RPGs are about fun, fighting, and looting? Well the npc's don't find it fun for them.

World of Warcraft: Ke$ha Style

Just watch and enjoy

Vampire Masqurade Redemption (Best game to RP over)

A trailer for probably one of the best RP games you'll ever play.

"Gamers" trailer

Film trailer for the independent film "Gamers", a mockumentary about role-playing geeks like you and me (or at least others we know).

D&D4 presentation at GenCon 2007

Video of Wizards of the Coast's presentation on their plans for D&D, 4th edition, from GenCon 2007.
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Umbrella Rihanna Kingdom Hearts 1&2

A first timers video game music video. Features clips from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 with the song 'Umbrella' from Rihanna.
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