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.justsayyes0000 .

Ron and Hermione's kiss: Extended look from Wizard's Collection

Rupert & Emma -Everything I Want

Rupert/Emma - Little Bird

Rupert/Emma moment

Rupert/Emma (R/Hr) Moment (4/4)

Rupert/Emma (R/Hr) Moment (3/4)

Rupert/Emma (R/Hr) Moment (2/4)

Rupert/Emma (R/Hr) Moments(1/4)

Rupert/Emma Moment

Rupert/Emma Moment (2/2)

Rupert/Emma Moment (1/2)

Rupert about kissing emma

emma about kissing rupert

Emma and Rupert kiss

Ron-Hermoine made for each other

rupert and emma | thousands of answers to one simple question

Rupert and emma talking on GMTV

Who is sexier? Brad Pitt or Rupert Grint?

He asked about Hermione, NOT Emma, Rupe

Emma and Rupert talking about Romione

Rupert and Emma rate their kissing.

Emma & Rupert filming the Deathly Hallows

Emma/Rupert & Hermione/Ron

The One I Love Rupert and Emma

Rupert Grint & Emma Watson Talking About HP Books

Emma Watson & Rupert Grint-Forest Run

Make Me Smile Rupert&Emma

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint Rate Each Other's Kissing Skills

Emma Watson Says She Has Married Rupert Grint

Rupert and Emma <3 <3 :) <3 <3


Rupert and Emma

•I•THINK•I•LOVED•U•BETTER• | Rupert\Emma |

Rupert and Emma // Love Out Of Lust

Rupert Grint and Emma Watson's bond

Rupert and Emma together

Rupert | Emma •We are Golden•.

Don't Pretend That We're Just Lovers Rupert and Emma

Harry Potter behind the scenes Ron and Hermione's kiss from Deathly Hallows Part 2

you know that I could use somebody

Enchanted - Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

Rupert and Emma | say all I need

Emma & Rupert - Edge of Glory

Rupert and Emma BTS

Rupert/Emma- We're Terrified Of One Another

Rupert + Emma | If My Heart Was a House

a video dedicated to Ron and Hermione and Rupert and Emma

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 star Emma Watson on Hermione and Ron Weasley's big

Rupert/Emma - Life in Technicolor

rupert/emma - starstruck

Rupert+Emma | I'll miss him making me laugh

Rupert.Emma || Please don't let me go

● crashdown; [grint+watson]

Breathe ● Emma & Rupert

Rupert/Emma - Into Your Arms


Rupert and Emma // song for

emma&rupert ⇔ W E A R E

[Rupert / Emma] - Meteor Shower

Emma and Rupert || 3 words 8 letters

Rupert and Emma|| Something Real

Rupert and Emma- A drop in the Ocean

Rupert & Emma//I love you I really do

we're the perfect two... ♫ ♡ | Rupert+Emma

Emma & Rupert - Something Beautiful

Rupert and Emma Just can't get enough

Rupert Grint & Emma Watson - ON FIRE

Rupert/Emma- I'm On Fire For You, Clearly

Rupert/Emma- Parachute

Emma/Rupert- Unrequited Love

Emma and Rupert /Lovers in Japan

rupert/emma~if my heart was a house

[Rupert / Emma] - Love The Way You Lie

Rupert.Emma || I'll miss him making me laugh

Rupert Grint Running Into Emma Watson - Funny Behind The Scenes

Rupert/Emma: We say goodbye

R/E hug last day of filming.

Rupert.Emma // Hey! Soul Sister

Emma about Rupert

rupert&emma ; if I fall.

Rupert and Emma // 10 Years

Rupert & Emma: L.O.V.E

Rupert/Emma; Feel This

Rupert/Emma - Wire to Wire

Rupert/Emma - Just For Tonight

Preview .{rupert/emma

Emma Watson & Rupert Grint - Your Love's A Drug

Emma Watson & Rupert Grint - Indigo


that smile on your face...

- emma + rupert - sunday morning -

amazing! (rupert+emma)

Emma/Rupert: On Fire

Rupert.Emma || Someone like you...

Rupert.Emma|| Coming for you

Rupert and Emma | Laugh so much

Rupert and Emma // FIRE [DH]

Emma & Rupert - Simple Life

Rupert / Emma - I am in Love, with what we are...