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Zach Braff Has Nothing To Do With Your Crowdfunding Success by Jon Reiss

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- Change of Heart

Scrubs - saddest moments ever!

Scrubs Colin Hay

Denise + Drew [FANMADE]

Denise and Drew [Scrubs]- We Found Love

Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah (Scrubs Version) HD - YouTube

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- Fall

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- I Think We're Alone Now

"This is weird, man! Everyone here looks like someone from my old job!"


Best jd and elliot video ever !!

JD + Eliot = Jeliot!

J.D. Tries to Sing the Sports Center Song

Ice Ice Baby - Scrubs - The Janitor

[Scrubs] J.D.& Elliot- "Jelliot"- L.O.V.E. [Mini Vid]

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- Teenage Dream (Cover)

Scrubs Cast - You Found Me

Scrubs - We're goin' to see Michael Jordan!

Guy Love scrubs with lyrics

Scrubs Season 9 Intro without JD =(

Scrubs Every Girl's Name to JD from Dr. Cox (Series 6 & 7)

Girls Names Given To J.D in season 4 and 5


Scrubs - Guy Love (Season 9 Episode 1)

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot -"Jelliot"- This Is Love

Scrubs - Elliot Reid - Moment Killer

Martin Sexton - Diner (scrubs)

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- What Hurts the Most

JD and Elliot- Naive

The Blanks - Superman - Cardiff

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot -"Jelliot"- Baby, I Need Your Lovin'

Legal Custodians

[ScrubS] JD & Elliot - Hey Ya

Scrubs J.D. Remembers the People of His Life

Scrubs My Finale Credits

Coxian Express

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- Whataya Want From Me

Scrubs - Beer-Bitch Slap

[ScrubS] JD & Elliot - She Is Staggering

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- I Could Fall in Love With You

Kung-Fu Fighting

Scrubs_Open Happiness

Scrubs - Bad Dream

Scrubs Season 9 Episode 5 PART 1 OF 4 Our Mysteries

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- Something Beautiful

Scrubs The Most Horrible Thing

Scrubs 705 - The worlds most giant stethoscope

Scrubs J.D. Lived For Danger

Ranma 1/2: The Abridged Chronicle ep. 5 [SCRUBS REFERENCE]

Scrubs Turk says 'I love You' to JD

Scrubs- JD shaved his head

Johnny the tackling alzheimers patient

Scrubs J.D. and Laverne Get Roped In

Scrubs Jordan and Julie Fight Over Dr Cox

Scrubs - I Told You so Dance

Scrubs - Don't Scratch, Unless...


Scrubs - Hey, is That my Stethoscope?

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- Mr. Brightside

Scrubs - Frank Used to be a Navy Seal

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- Shadows of the Night

Perry and Jordan

Just Dance - Scrubs

Zach Braff on the Jessy K Show- Work it Out!

Sarah Chalke on Little Britain USA

[Scrubs] J.D.& Elliot- "Jelliot"- Chemicals React

Scrubs- For Blue Skies

JD & Elliot - Shattered (Turn The Car Around)

[ScrubS] Turk & Carla - You're My Better Half

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot -"Jelliot"- Amazed

Scrubs: Season 9 Episode 13 (Tudou)

Scrubs: Season 9 Episode 13 (Youku)

Scrubs - The One

Scrubs My First Day/My Finale Tribute

[ScrubS] JD & Elliot - Find A Way

Scrubs (Music Video)

Crazy Scrubs

Scrubs| JD&Elliot Your Guardian Angel

High School Never Ends [Scrubs]

Scrubs JD and Turk - Friend like you

"Hey Ya" Obadiah Parker

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot - "Jelliot" - Close Your Eyes

[ScrubS] JD & Elliot - Our Love

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot- "Jelliot"- Hungry Eyes

[Scrubs] Our Lives

[Scrubs] Shake It

Scrubs Deleted Scene: "Dogtors"

J.D.'s Tipsy...and Handsy!

[Scrubs] J.D. & Elliot - "Jelliot" - Last Christmas

Scrubs 9x04 Sneak Peek - Costumes

Scrubs 9x04 Sneak Peek - Teamwork

Scrubs 9x03 Sneak Peek - Horses

[Scrubs] Season 9: Guy Love, Eeeeeagle! and New Title

Scrubs Season 9 Intro

Kerry Bishe's and Zach Braff's favourite season nine fantasy

Dave Franco's favourite season nine fantasy

Scrubs Season 9 Preview - New Healthcare Reform

Scrubs Season 9 - Lesson Learned

Scrubs Season 9 - Old Meets New